More "gotaways" in Biden's 3+ years than the prior 10 years!

First to clarify what is a "gotaway:

gotaways – illegal immigrants who avoided agents but were detected by other forms of surveillance such as cameras and sensors

Then the numbers under Biden:

This means that there were more gotaways in FY21-23 (1.6 million) than the decade of FY 2010 and FY 2020 (1.4 million).

Obviously one can speculate that there are also many others who not only avoid CBP but have also got in completely undetected.

Biden doesn’t want to catch them.

Open borders.


In Missouri, you have to have a valid ID in order to vote.

Libs want to repeatedly sue over it, because women and minorities are too stupid in their eyes to be able to get a valid ID along with their voter registration card. :rofl:


MO is offering a free ID card for those with no driving license or passport so not sure what the problem is.

Nothing wrong with showing ID to vote as long as you dont have to pay for the ID to vote.

Those who have a driving licence or passport got those IDs for another primary reason and it just so happens they are accepted as voter ID.

Exactly. There’s zero issue with getting the documentation. The left is just puling things out of their asses in order to paint women and minorities as too stupid to get a free set of ID’s. :rofl:


“Even when a voter obtains the underlying documentation, voters who lack transportation, cannot get to the DMV or other government agencies during their hours of operation, or have a disability or impairment that prevents them from accessing a DMV, the voter is still unable to surmount the burdens to obtaining a photo ID,” the plaintiffs’ lawyers wrote in a pretrial brief.

You don’t think we have more and better cameras and other surveillance methods of detecting “gotaways” than we did in 2010?


Fair point. Easy solution, expand the hours of operation 8am-8pm and be open on Sundays just for voter ID. I would imagine that all DMVs are ADA compliant.

how do they get there, if they no longer drive? If they do not have proper docs, and need to get them, who covers that cost? how do they get there?

All this could be handled if states had enough staff to take care of these folks…but that takes money’

Also, if they require valid ID to vote…it should not be required to register…
It should be when one turns 18, one is automatically registered to vote…

Do you have to register to vote in the UK?

With no verification of citizenship etc.? Just turn 18 and BAM?

Y’all raised a damn roof about Real ID and how everyone should have one and y’all are all for that.

Ever seen the requirements for that? Ever see one lib bitch about those requirements? It’s getting close to not being able to enter certain govt offices without one. Don’t see a single lib bitching about that.

Pick a ■■■■■■■ lane. Either you want super strict ID requirements to travel/enter federal facilities or you want willy nilly anyone can get an ID as long as you just use it to vote and there is no requirement to prove anything other than you are 18.


Family, friends, neighbors?
You come up with more excuses as to why someone cannot get an ID. Did you bitch when ID was required to fly? To open a bank account/cash a check?
To buy alcohol/tobacco?
To get medical care? Every one of my Dr’s require proof of ID as well as hospitals…
Hell we have to provide ID to buy damn advil cold and sinus medicine…spare us all the sob story


My mom had to get a corrected birth certificate because her middle name was spelled wrong on the one she had, she had to show marriage certificates and divorce decrees for name changes, hell, I forget what all else she had to have for the RealID, yet at 84 she did it all herself. So the libs can take “it’s too hard to get an ID” and shove it up their collective asses.


Not likely, as there has not been any significant legislation/investment in border security during that time.

The lib motto for voting in the US is as follows: “It’s so easy, an illegal immigrant can do it!”


Easiest solution is to stop entertaining sorry little idiots who come up with excuses for why their fellow comrades are too stupid and worthless to get up and vote. :rofl:

ETA: At least all the intelligent people are on the same wavelength for how simple this all really is. :rofl:

That’s all you’ll ever get from that kind too. :wink:


They want to cheat.

That’s why they don’t want Voter ID.

No other explanation really.

They don’t mind ID for anything else just for voting.

2+2= 4


That should be repeated.


…and now consider how many are terrorists whose goal is to inflict serious damage to the US.

Libs truly are racist as hell. Minorities don’t even know what “computers” are…amirite? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


But hey they are good swimmers and a few are articulate according to them.