More businesses considering leaving Minneapolis

Can’t say I blame them.

From the article:

"A new survey by the Downtown Council shows 45 business owners say they are considering leaving downtown – citing the lack of people working or socializing downtown – and the idea that the police department could be dismantled."

Here’s another related article:

I don’t blame them at all.

The city turned a blind eye to arsonists and criminals and as a result entire neighborhoods were wiped out. Old businesses that had been there for decades were looted and burned. The very businesses that created jobs for the community were thrown to the wolves.

I’d leave and never look back.


Vote for Ilhan…vote for Ilhan Minneapolis…she’ll fix it…she’ll fix everything…amrite? :sunglasses:

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Me neither…

This is what voting for Democrats gets you folks.

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I visited a few years ago. Went to Target Field, but didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time downtown. It was bustling though.

Minnesota was a nice place to visit. They have a ton of Fortune 500 companies right in that area. They can probably rebuild pretty quickly, but why should they??

The people there need new leadership.

These burned out and looted businesses will make great campaign ads.

I just read BLM/ANTIFA is moving into residential neighborhoods now.

Burning and looting? Who cares? Not democrats. We should be more concerned about the lady that won the 14th district in Georgia.


In addition to the move to defund the police there’s also a push from Democrats to not prosecute various petty crimes including theft.

What? The Qanon lady? Its just backlash.

I don’t believe the Dem mayors’ and governor’s fake concern about them .leaving. They have surplus Dem votes in their cities. They want to drive a large number of them into red areas, to boost the blue vote there.

Businesses leaving these big Dem inner cities is good for them and the communities they go to.

I’m surprised any businesses are staying in Minneapolis to be honest.


Moving isn’t always easy so there’s always going to some that try to stick things out. Things are going to be lousy there for a while and with those progressives running things it will only get worse.

They were more than happy to capitulate to angry woke mob, and will gladly do so in the future for whatever other reason they want to get angry about.

The exodus from Democratic controlled cities where the locals will not protect businesses and private property is soon to go from a trickle to a flood.

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This sure won’t help:

Bailey was lawfully and property shot.

The case was no billed by a GJ and the special prosecutor could find nothing to charge them with.

These thugs need to be removed in cuffs and dragged out by their hair, loaded on a paddy wagon and delivered to the nearest jail for processing.