MOMENT OF SANITY: Cory Booker Admits DEMOCRATS ‘Have Lost Their Way’

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Hyper-liberal senator and possible 2020 challenger Cory Booker had a brief moment of sanity over the weekend, telling a packed crowd that the national Democratic Party has “lost its way” in connecting with average Americans.

Booker was speaking at the Netroots Nation Annual Conference in Louisiana when he slammed his party for failing to appeal to voters, saying “there are a lot of folks who have even stopped participating in municipal elections.”

“I think a lot about the Democratic Party nationally and how it seems that that connection to people – where they are, what their experiences are, their struggles, their hurt, and their pain – how we seem to have lost our way,” Booker said. “What we need to be doing is reconnecting ourselves to folks where they are.”

Watch Booker’s comments above.