Molech is alive and well

Molech was a false god of ancient times. He was represented by a statue that was heated to red hot, then a baby was sacrificed in it’s flaming arms. While we Christians look back at this barbarity, recognizing the work of Satan, we remain silent today on abortion. We sacrifice children to the god of sex. Now New York has passed a bill to allow abortion right up to the moment a baby is born and Virginia is considering a bill to allow children fully born to be murdered after birth. Either there simply aren’t enough Christians anymore to make a difference in this world or we are going to have a lot to answer for… Please Lord, come back soon!

What say you?

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One of the worse things that can happen to us is to become a hopeless people, to choose death over life.

Is it better for people of faith to be looking for the second coming of Christ, or is it better to bring Christ’s hope to the hopeless?

People have made a living predicting the rapture. Just sayin’.

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Bring hope while we’re here. That was Jesus’ final command before ascending up to heaven, but look forward to that glorious day!

Our society continues to get worse and worse. What do you see as the end result if Christ doesn’t put an end to it?

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People have made a living predicting the rapture. Just sayin’.

No man knows the hour, but we were given things to look for. It’s coming… Now please send me some of your money; I need a new Lear jet.

I’ll ask you what I just asked Meri: What do you see coming upon this country? There seems to be no bottom that is too low for us to hit.

I remember the thundering jeremiads of preachers back in the 1980s bemoaning the evils of the day and warning of the impending Second Coming. Used to scare the bejesus out of me when I was a kid.

The only low I see is people getting outraged over things about which they are ill-informed.

That seems to be crashing through to new lows almost daily.

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There is no “Rapture”. That was made up in the late nineteenth century by preachers who had no clue of the idioms being used. On the other hand, even before Christ, people had reached the conclusion that mankind was so corrupt, the only solution was for God to take over the rule of the earth. Apparently we never have been able to stand ourselves.

I’m so glad you’re always around to clear up what God actually said or really meant. The millions upon millions of Christians who came before you must have been so stupid.


Ill-informed?? Abortion laws, bills and statistics are right out there for all to see. Third trimester abortions and even murder of born babies is now coming to pass. Coming next: Euthanasia of the elderly and infirm. Brought to you proudly by the party of death… Got to get rid of those superfluous eaters.

I was taught that we should look for Christ in one another–to be Christ for each other. We can do that.

In addition, those who are guilty of it, should stop hating the President. He was duly elected. He is an imperfect man. However, there are advisors and elected officials–not to mention an entire citizenry–who can lend support where a weakness exists. Instead, we have people who are like a mob coming upon someone with a broken leg. Instead of lending assistance they begin stomping and slugging that leg.

That is why we are so disgusted with ourselves. We look at our behavior towards President Trump and how can we feel anything but disgust. Except, of course, we excuse ourselves and blame our behavior on the President (its all his fault for daring to exist and become President) and this blame we spew causes us further disgust and shame we feel towards ourselves.

Jesus did promise to return. Rapture or not, he is going to establish an earthly kingdom and rule from Jerusalem. Do you think he will tolerate the evils of this world?

A generation that doesnt believe in 2000 year old superstitions

Just takes study of what millions of others have taught for two thousand years. About five hundred years ago, a segment of Christianity informed its followers that they could read and understand the Bible all on their own.

And…to be precise…It is not what God actually said, it is what the original author was conveying to his original audience.

By the way, people are not stupid. Not all may have the time to research all the languages, cultures, and histories of Biblical, but they are by no means stupid. Shame on you.

Why are you defending Trump? We cant criticize Trump but you can criticize those that do?

You liken Trump’s moral degeneracy to a broken leg, and feel he is unfairly treated when people criticize him for it?

While criticizing those who criticize trump. It’s a strange horse to ride on.

Your “understanding” of the bible is just one of many, and simply asserting that you are more educated than those who disagree with you isnt a very humble thing to do. Christians have had 2000 years to get it together, yet ya’ll still argue constantly.

Jesus did not come to condemn the world the first time. He was showing and teaching what love can do. Sure, we can turn on the TV and see all the hate and contempt–but what happens in our lives when we turn off the TV? How is love blooming in our immediate surroundings–in our homes, neighborhood, church, and work places? When I turn off the TV there is a lot of love around me.

I like how everything now is “you hate trump” whenever Trump gets criticized. I think it’s more like trump supporters hate people who criticize trump.