Moderna- vaccine shows 94.5% efficacy in early data

The important news here is that Moderna’s vaccine can be transported with normal freezing temperatures and then can be stored in normal refrigeration.

Moderna is a couple of weeks behind Pfizer…if this news holds up, however, Moderna’s vaccine is likely going to be the one of choice early on.

Maybe that’s why the Pfizer CEO spiked his stock… :rofl:


Great news. Thanks.


I wonder, does this one need the same booster?

That wasn’t in the story. I recall yes but do not remember at the moment.

I know the protein-based ones do not require a booster.

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If it does, it won’t be the one if someone comes out with a one shot vaccine.

I see the storage as the bigger problem.

Those are the protein-based ones like J&J’s…they are farther behind for many reasons., chief of which their manufacturing cycles are longer.

Why I qualified this with “early”.

It does need the booster…at least those in the trial got a booster four weeks later.

Unknown as to how often that has to happen going forward.

Yes. Moderna is four weeks later, Pfzer three.

Looking good for me in our bet. :grinning:

I think two shots is even more of a problem, people tend not to show up for the second one. And of course having to produce and administer two does is twice as hard to do.

I recall having to take 3 shots for Hepatitis B immunization as the CDC now recommends that for diabetics. I really wouldn’t have an issue with 2 shots for this immunization.

Has nothing to do with whether you have a problem with it. Twice as expensive, twice as time consuming to produce, transport and administer. And a certain percent of people won’t get the follow up. Anyone with any sense will get both, but not everyone has any.

Well then, looks like it’s up to AstraZeneca. Who’s gonna win the vaccine horse race?

What’s the bet?

Probably the reason he got rid of the stock

Everyone that gets one ready? No shortage of demand to fill. Assuming they are of similar efficacy.

The side effects seem to be very similar to the Shingles vaccine, fatigue, aches and soreness for a couple of days. Having those definitely wasn’t fun, not by a long shot, but I would happily put up with those for a working COVID vaccine.

Avis for week. If there is a vaccine 75% effective or higher by July I win.


I found it.

The question is not whether you have to take two shots…but will you have to take ONLY two shots?

What if the immunity conferred only lasts 3-4 months?

Then you’re talking about 6-8 shots a year.

But even if it’s only two…if another company comes up with a vaccine with similar efficacy and duration and only requires one shot?

The one shot vaccine will become the preferred vaccine.

The mRNA’s are being proved first and will fill the breach.

If the one shot vaccines come along, they will replace the mRNAs.

Or there will be a niche market for the mRNAs if immunity doesn’t last long because the RNA vaccines can be produced more quickly.

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