Mobile scrolling

While trying to browse threads on mobile, there are ads every few posts. I’ll be reading a reply, try to scroll down, and suddenly an ad will go away and I get bumped down to an entirely new post. I scroll back up, and the ad reappears and everything gets bumped higher.

It really makes it difficult to read certain posts, and it’s very frustrating reading a post and I lose my spot while trying to scroll down.

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There are mobile ad blockers.

I downloaded a mobile ad blocker for my iPhone, but it does not seem to fix this issue. It just makes the ads disappear, but the space where they were, still are there, and the problem Mountain Soldier describes still happens to me as well. But I am not very tech savvy, so maybe I am doing something wrong?

Hmmm…I didn’t try one on my phone yet, but on my iPad, the blocker simply makes the ads go away.

On the phone it does make the ads go away. But the scrolling thing still exists, which is weird. I may try to reboot the phone and see if that helps.

i say if you’re a Nebraska fan you get what you deserve.

Hey now…those are fighting words! :boxing_glove:

On the iPad they simply go away. Replaced with the word “Advertisement”.

Yes…that is exactly the same on the iPhone as well. But the scrolling issue still exists. Does the scrolling issue occur on the iPad?

Nope…no scrolling issue.

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can we pay to avoid the ads?

Bernie Sanders might help with the cost.

I am having the same problem and it’s driving me crazy.

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That’s your problem . . . . Iphone


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I have the same problem on Android. I rather not use an ad blocker because I know the ads pay for the forum.

I’m also having this same issue on my Android phone.

Scrolling issue is a problem for me as well but I have accepted I just just have live with it.

Ads are blocked though. Quite honestly I don’t care that the site loses revenue. If that ultimately means the site ultimately shuts down then oh well.

There is not enough content to warrant a subscription.

Don’t Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin support mobile browsers as well?