MLK Book banning due to CRT

Define recent. I am over 50 and have only seen whites only signs in history books myself. It also pretty much comes down to how good the teacher is. It’s why I say it has to be taught in the context of history. Two different teachers could teach the exact same course, with the exact same facts and one teacher could just send out well educated children while the other could not only have the white kids feeling bad about themselves but the black kids feeling like they don’t even have a chance so why even try.

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I am tramatized by WW2, especially Peal Harbor Day and anti Asian teachings. Damn we are traumatized about everything. Fauci and Xi tried to cancel world happiness with Chinese Wuhan Virus, lets silence :zipper_mouth_face: that too.

I think that’s the problem with the overly broad conception that the right has about CRT. It’s the Lost Cause narrative by other means. How soon before Lincoln, Turman, and Stowe are removed from the curriculum?


No one wants white kids to feel guilty. Kids get sad sometimes when learning about history, like the Holocaust. That is no excuse to not teach it.

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I think most public schools teach about the broad contours that include slavery, Jim Crow and the Civil Rights era. There are a number of other aspects that I doubt get covered much in public school but I’m not sure.

It sounds like you are ok with that being taught- as long as its done…in the right way? With the right tone or pedagogy?

Sadly I think you’re right.

Stumblin Joe is tramatized by logic. Let’s have an illogical Full of ■■■■■ One Horse Day and swish around with our AR-14

I think is not only ok, but all historical facts should be taught. Just don’t try to tie today’s white people to white people who did those awful things and don’t forget that it was only some white people. If it was all white people slavery and Jim Crow would have lasted way longer than they did.

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Not only that, but they want any work by the “racist, dead white males” eliminated. Out with Shakespeare and Dante, in with Rigoberta Menchu and bell hooks.

They already are, aren’t they. Lincoln name removed from school… by the way that is how a Banana Republic is pealed

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Nah. We were taught about slave trade and slavery in the sixties. Nobody, or virtually nobody, wants to stop that. They just don’t want to go through every whipping that was ever given out, use that to explain why someone is having trouble with math, and why it was all the fault of white people, like little privileged Johnny over there.

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This sounds like an exaggeration.


Well that’s not true. No one is for the removing of Shakespeare or Dante because they are “racist dead white males”.

Also, your choice of authors aside. What is wrong with expanding what is taught, and teaching other authors?

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Let’s bring back the bible to school.

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Depends on the definition of exaggeration

We should. It’s an important work in literature.

Though I’m sure you and I would disagree on how it would be taught.

We probably would. :joy:.

Why does no one want white kids to feel guilty? Is this just a U.S. issue, European, or world wide problem? Does the Turks teach their kids to feel sorry for the Armenians and why doesn’t the world condemn them for not doing so. This white thing seems to be a one way street.

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No problem with expansion of learning, but not for “woke” reasons.

[Woke teachers want Shakespeare cut from curriculum: 'This is about White supremacy' - Washington Times]

Good to point a very dim view of lunatic left ideology. Thank you.

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