Mitch McConnell should have kept his pie hole shut

He just helped democrats in pushing Stephen Breyer out with his comment on a interview with host Hugh Hewitt.

This comment was unnecessary IMO.

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Saying it couldn’t have mattered. He was always going to do it. Because this is who he is.


Doesn’t matter…he helped democrats in their push to replace Breyer.

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Was this something we didn’t know already.

He is just stating the obvious.


Oh no… Mitch McConnell admitted on the radio that he is Mitch McConnell.


Yeah, probably. There is growing concern that Breyer is going to “pull a Ginsburg”.

Does Breyer have a son that did some sketchy work at Deutche bank that can be used as leverage to get him to step down?


You think they weren’t going to push already?

The Party of Integrity asking one of its own to lie for the good of the party.


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To my understanding, Breyer could be caught in bed with a live boy or dead girl, and we couldn’t do much to have him removed. Impeachment is the only recourse.

Which is a FAR cry from everybody saying “you really should leave before you die”.


And gop worry about biden stacking the court? mitch just admit to total blockade of any biden SC nominees.

No he didn’t

Sorry I wasn’t specific.

mitch just admit to total blockade of any biden SC nominees in 2024 if GOP control the senate.


I not sure it helped push him out. It definitely gave them campaign material though.


Yes during an election year like he did before and he gave his reasoning. If he didn’t say that you would be all over him for changing his opinion from last time.

For the record I am not in favor of it.

He won’t be the majority leader in 2024 so I don’t think I have to worry.

I’d be more worried about keeping 50 like he has now.


Mitch the partisan hack, what a surprise.

To funny libs accuse McConnell of partisan hack.

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Breyer isn’t going to stick around until 2024. Democrats won’t allow a repeat of the Ginsberg fiasco should a Republican win in 2024.

Well Mitch still shouldn’t have open his mouth.

Keep in mind they pushed pretty hard for Ginsburg to step down as well. Also it’s telling me that libs don’t think they’re going to keep the senate.