Mitch McConnell is Right

The WH did and would continue to ignore the courts.

They did take McGahn to court… The administration is stalling be appealing… This is well settled law…


It’s not final until it gets to the supreme court.

Please give me a link to where they have ignored a court order that hasn’t been appealed.

Please and thank you (in regards to subpeona’s as we are talking about).

If you or I ignored the same subpoena, what would happen?

I personally think it is obstruction. I don’t see how Congress can have subpoenas ignored. Not only that, but the President personally told them not to testify or provide documents. If he would have kept his mouth shut, maybe obstruction would not have been a charge.

Either way… their are first hand witnesses that can exonerate the President and they were told by the President not to testify or provide documents.


Do you expect every court case to get appealed to the supreme court?

There is no indication Trump would listen to any court.

Somehow forcing every witness to be appealed to the Supreme Court is not “obstruction”… :roll_eyes:

If I were to challeng it in court (like the administration has), nothing until the due process was resolved. Even in a criminal case you can challenge the subpoena once it hit’s your hand.

It’s not osbstruction.

They are not really ignoring, they are waiting for congress to go to a judge and ask for a LEGAL ruling that the information is required under law to be provided.

Innocent until proven guilty. They don’t have to prove his innocense. Congress has to prove he is guilty. Heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who herd it from another you’ve done something bad doesn’t do that.

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Due process of the law is not obstruction.

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Oldest trick in the book

So wait,

you don’t have ANY proof, just your assumption?

Sounds like the guy who testified that not a single person told him there was quid pro quo. He just made his own assumption. No evidence, just a person’s opinoin from things he “heard”.

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From Schiff? The same thing. He would have to take it to court and wait for a ruling.

From a judge? I would be there at the appointed time and place.

Congress could have waited until the legal (aka courts) process was finished. Why won’t they wait?

Except Trump provided a memo… so he is already willing to prove his innocence.

Even with the information Congress has today, he should be impeached. Those witnesses only task would have been to provide testimony to help Trump. Not hurt him.

Even if it is issued in a regular court, you can challenge the subpoena.

Because anyone with any knowledge of the legal history of congressional subpoenas knows this is just a stall tactic otherwise known as obstruction.

He is under no requirment to provide anything else. Again, he voluntarily did that, the subpoena’s he can challenge and did. The Dem’s pushing impeachment (as they have since Trump was elected) didn’t want to wait for it to go through due process.

Once the impeachment hearing is held today, any court hearing to compel testimony should be dismissed as moot since they no longer need to testify to the house. The vote will have been taking, no more evidence needed in the house.

So it looks like Dem’s in the house don’t think they need any further evidence to show the second count.


Trump and y’all couldn’t act more guilty if you tried.