Mitch McConnell is Right

On this issue, Mitch McConnell is 100% correct. It should not be up to the Senate to try and find a way to get to Guilty. The house is the one making the charge. It should be up to the House to prove Trump’s guilt with the witnesses and testimony they have already examined in the house.

If Trump now wants to bring forth witnesses, he should be able to but they should then be able to be cross examined by the opposing side.

I agree with McConnell on this. Chuck U looks like the snivelling partisan hack he is on this.


Join me in demanding that Republicans call the following (Trump appointed) First hand witnesses to whether aid was held for dirt on Biden:

OMB Director

It is rather curious why these people were not on the House Republican witness list? They are all seemingly loyalist to Trump. They could be able to stop this impeachment dead in its tracks. Seriously. But yet, they are making them stay quiet.

Isn’t that interesting?


One article is for obstruction, withholding the most critical people and associated documentation…

In that context, “It should be up to the House to prove Trump’s guilt with the witnesses and testimony they have already examined in the house.‘ is nonsensical.

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Please explain where you think it is appropriate for the prosecution to be able to force the defense into calling witnesses that work for the prosecution. This I gotta hear.

We have the presumption of innocence in this country, not the presumption of guilt. If you feel those witnesses should be called, get the dems to do it. The dems are the ones bringing charges, they gotta prove his guilt.

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Not at all. They can go to the court if they feel they are entitled to those witnesses. Why do you think they didnt go to the court to force their testimony? Most likely because they knew the court would rule against them.

I am going to have to mull over the irony of this statement for a while.

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Since when is due process obstruction?

Dem’s could have held out and waited until the courts ruled if the people they wanted to hear from would have to testify. Dem’s can’t wait, they face a time limit. They failed with the Mueller report (they hung their hats on impeachment on that and failed) and they NEED to get the impeachment pushed through before the election.

Due process of the law is NOT obstruciton.


Isn’t trump the defendant? Why isn’t he letting people who can defend him, do that?

Why do those witnesses need the court… but the others did not? They all got the same subpoenas

Nah, it’s clear obstruction.

Some agreed with the subpoenas some didn’t.

Congres doesn’t have ultamate authority on subpoenas. They have to have a legal court rule that a person is required to testify, and even then they could just look at congress and say they are invoking the 5th amendment and not say a word.

It’s the way the system works, you know due process under the law.

Democrats could have gone throught the process and have a court order those under subpoena to appear. Democrats made a choice that they didn’t want to wait and went with what little (aka herd it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard if from another you did something bad).

The ones who disagreed are the ones with first hand knowledge of whether or not aid was held up for Biden investigations.

Again they could make Dems look dumb and probably take over the house and solidify the senate and presidency. But they are fighting the same subpoenas that 17+ others decide to accept?


It’s called Executive Privilege. All presidents have used it to Include Obama. One’s guilt should not be presumed for using it. If you feel you are entitled to those witnesses, take the issue to court.

Good luck with it. Maybe you will get him removed.

The defendant should be entitled to those witnesses. Again, they all have first hand knowledge of the aid and whether or not it was withheld for Biden investigations.

Outside of the President, they are the only people who could exonerate the President. They could make Dems look even dumber than many Republicans already think they do.

Their testimony could solidify GOP control of government for at least the next 4 years. Yet, Trump won’t let them speak. Weird

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Executive privilege has to be exerted in person and to individual questions… There is no absolute immunity from testifying…

It’s still not obstruction. It’s due process of the law.

Anyway you look at it it’s NOT obstruction until a court rules they have to testify, then they still refuse. Then you have an issue.

Until then, it’s something that is allowed to happen. In no way shape or form obstruction.

Just being on the right side of history is enough for me.

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As I have already said three times, dont tell me the rules, tell your congress to take the issue to court and compel those people to testify.
Why is that concept so difficult?

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Appeals are part of the due process of law.

Once the impeachment vote is taken, the courts will dismiss the case if it was to testify in the impeachment hearing.