Missouri Governor Greitens Resigns



Another “law and order” Republican goes down amidst a criminal investigation. Color me “not shocked”.

Perfect qualifications to run for POTUS.

Missouri is better off without him anyway.

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Frankly I’m a little surprised. Its much more common for GOPers to hang on and try and ride it out, aka Trump, Moore, et all.

And yeah I know, lets just go ahead and get this out of the way, Billy C, Kennedy, and so on.

Surprising he held on for so long. Hope the truth comes out.

2020 challenger in the GOP primary.

The Republican legislature was going to impeach him. It was only a matter of time until he resigned voluntarily or was removed by his peers.

Now things can get back to normal in Missouri, and hopefully in November Hawley will defeat McCaskill.

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Members of HIS OWN PARTY were calling on him to step down and started doing so weeks ago.

As I said, it was only a matter of time until he was gone, either voluntarily or involuntarily by impeachment.

A plurality of GOP primary voters cast aside 16 other candidates to support Donald, a man proud of his sexual misconduct and greed. Greitens is all that plus a veteran (special forces, even!) If he ran he might provide irresistible to that same plurality.

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Trump has a super power. As long as he does one thing his supporters will never stray.

These non-Missourians only see the R by his name and have no clue what they’re even salivating over. :slight_smile:

I don’t get why republicans always allow these fake allegations to take them down. We should start making things up about the lefiists and see how they like it.

Agreed. But Hawley needs to step his game up if he wants to take her out.

McCaskill is on her way out this year.

Hopefully. But we shall see. She is a fierce campaigner and will be tough to take out. Hawley needs to be all in for the win.

The timing of his resignation makes it pretty obvious there was something pretty shady with his campaign donations.

Good to see this ■■■■ bag finally gave up and resigned. His state and the country in general are better with him out of office.

They were terrible ■■■■■■■■ artists.

Well that’s not good at all. I really want that seat to flip, so as you say he really needs to step up his game.

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