Mission Impossible: Fallout

I saw Mission Impossible: Fallout today, and it was simply AWESOME!!!

The stunts alone are the reasons to see this film. In addition, I loved the action and the acting in the movie.

It perhaps the best Mission Impossible film in the franchise. One of the best films of the summer!

I give it a grade of an A+.


These still have been the only movies JJ Abrams has done well in his entire career.

He screwed up Star Wars and Star Trek all to hell, but rescued this franchise.

Thanks for the info. I’ll be sure to check it out.

I tend to enjoy the new Star Trek. I think the problem with Star wars has been 2 new films without the continuity of having the same director leaving too many unanswered questions about characters.

I’m on vacation this week, so I saw it for the 2nd time today. First time, I saw it in a Dolby theater, 2nd time was in an IMAX theater. I’ve got to say, it was incredible in both formats. Tom Cruise does an amazing job with those stunt scenes. Today, I knew what was coming and still found myself gripping the chair during several of the scenes.

I highly recommend seeing it.

I liked his Star Trek movies :blush:

Different directors can work when you have a general outline for a story. Disney has basically admitted they didn’t have a trilogy plan and have just been leaving it up to each new director/writer. TFA was “good enough” but TLJ really dropped the ball for me. Not what it needed to be, imo.

As a long time Trekkie, I loved the JJ Trek reboot. Good cast, exciting action, lots of tension. Good cast, too.

Yep I am wondering what the Quinton Tarantino one is going to look like.

As for the lack of answers from one stars wars movie to the next I am disappointed.

Who was Snoke and who really were Rey’s parents. Are subjects that could have been touched on.

From what I’ve read, his script is one of about 3-4 they’re considering for the next ST film. I’d LOVE to see his take on Star Trek.

Yeah, I think they really missed the storytelling mark with TLJ.

I wasn’t such a “fan” of Snoke in TFA, but when he showed up on screen in TLJ, I was really interested in who he was, where he came from, and how did pulled off resurrecting the Empire into the First Order, etc, etc, etc. Then they tell us it doesn’t matter at all. That was sort of off-putting.

I’d have seen it already but MoviePass blocked users from seeing this movie. Now I might just wait til DVD because I still haven’t seen the last MI movie yet.