Misconduct in the Amber Guyger Trial? Seriously?

Sometimes you ask yourself, “Just how low can they go”, thinking we’ve seen the bottom.

Well folks no we haven’t. Apparently the judge in the Amber Guyger trial is being accused of Judicial misconduct for hugging the defendant, giving her a bible, and saying a short prayer with her after the sentencing was over.

The compassion shown by both the family and the judge was truly touching, this is just sickening to see people try and make political hay out of it and threaten the judge’s job and career.

What’s your point?

No foul by the Judge here and a lot of class shown by the victim’s brother.

I hit my WasPo limit, so couldnt finish the article. Was there outrage?

Try an incognito window.

In this case, liberal poutrage. :smile:

Yes, they are just as capable as conservatives of getting their panties in a twist over absolutely nothing.

This is a very interesting case. How do you feel about it Safiel? I think the sentence was appropriate.

I was deeply impressed with the class and compassion of the young man, same with the actions of the judge.

Years ago it was fairly common for judges to say something moving and of faith after sentencing such as "And may God Have Mercy on Your Soul, for those facing execution.

I haven’t seen a judge do anything like this before and it shows that behind the robes are people.

I think the sentence was proper and fair and appropriate for the totality of the situation. And mercy is an inherent part of justice, so permitting the hug was proper, particularly as the official proceedings had concluded.

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behind everything, there are people.


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