Milo Yiannopoulos: My call for shooting journalists was just a 'troll'


Grown ass man doing the “I was just joking!” 4th grader defense.

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Reporters who called for trump’s assassination used the same defense.

So did the DEMOCRAT state senator from Missouri that’s still in office.

Not to mention johnny depp and kathy griffith and…

Stupid of him to say just as it was stupid for Waters to say things.

That said, neither had anything to do with this shooting. This guys conflict goes back to 2012 or earlier. Maybe we can blame obama… lol

Why is Milo wanting to be included in this horrific event? It appears to be the actions of a man who had an 8 year old grudge against the Capital Gazette due to reporting by two former employees about a harassment case against him in '11.

Milo resigned from his job in the U S in disgrace, and wasn’t his visa for work purposes only? His commentary is irrelevant.

I agree with Milo that he is a professional troll.

Milo’s comment was the thing that pushed the shooter over the edge. A point of fact a jury should determine.

Surprised he didn’t blame it on his poor vision.


I forgot that one.

And did you accept their defense? Because if you didnt then you need to be consistent with Milo.

But what Milo said is OK? Will you condemn what he said?

No, it’s not. He was explicit in what he was suggesting, even if it was supposedly a joke. Anyone who criticized Kathy Griffin, for example, should equally be critical of Milo.

I’m thinking each of them let one slip and got come down on harder than they expected. As should have happened.

I also think that they were all talking about an elected president and not some random reporters. But yeah, I think some of them were just joking, including milo.

Who exactly are you referring to besides Milo?

Yeah, all that “he can’t be racist because his one grandma is Jewish and he has jungle fever” stuff dried up right quick when that video of him karaoke-ing for neo Nazis giving him Hitler salutes popped up.

So basically someone you agree with says something reprehensible you give them a pass but someone you don’t agree with makes a similar comment and you refuse to be consistent.

You are a trump supporter so I suppose we should have guessed hypocrisy would be the order of the day.