Millionaire Republican Senator Chuck Grassley to Apply for Trump's Farmer Bailout Money

"Now, the Huffington Post reports that Republican Senator Chuck Grassley will actually apply for some of these bailout funds for his own 750 acre Iowa farm.

Grassley, who is worth an estimated $3.336 million, owns farmland valued at an estimated $1.2 million. He stands to see a large chunk of money coming from the exact farmer relief package that he supported as a U.S. Senator."

I wish this news would get out to the point where Grassley received enough blow back and he didn’t actually take our money to run his farm because of Donald Trump’s trade wars.

This is he republican way.

Living off the gov’t dime.

So receiving handouts is now the cool thing to do now?

Glad to see Trump is taking care of the common everyday millionaire with his government handouts.


Interviewer: “Congratulations on winning the $140 million dollar Powerball lottery.” Farmer: “Thank you.” Interviewer: “Do you have any special plans for spending all of that money?” Farmer: “Nope. Not really. I’m just gonna keep farming until the lottery money is all gone.”

Technically it’s not illegal.

Hypocritical and immoral but not illegal…
Does this make him a welfare queen now???:thinking:

And when the lottery money is gone he can see if the government will help him. See? Works just fine.

Sounds like a plan.

Yup. So Grassley should just nut up and use his 3 mil to support his farm.

I haven’t been keeping track, but isn’t the farm sector the only sector that is receiving these bailouts? And there’s another millionaire Republican politician involved in getting bailouts too.

The article I read said that these two Repubicans influence Trump’s policy, which is why they are getting bailouts when no one else harmed by Trump’s trade wars is.

Pretty convenient, isn’t it? I think these obvious types of conflicts of interest should be pointed out any time they arise. Personally I find the ability to influence legislation that lines one’s pocket to be grossly unethical.

Grassley is a socialist