Military join Federal Police in the largest manhunt in Canadian history

Military personal have arrived in Northern Canada to help the RCMP with the largest manhunt in Canadian history. the suspect are two 20’s white males who are charged with the murder of 3 people in Northern BC/Yukon.

They flee’d almost 3,000km were police found their burned out car.

The Canadian military has landed in Gillam, Man., with an aircraft to help join the search for two young homicide suspects in Northern Manitoba.

The Department of National Defence confirmed in a written statement that a Royal Canadian Air Force CC-130H Hercules aircraft from 435 Transport and Rescue Squadron in Winnipeg will assist with an aerial search.

The statement said an RCMP officer will be on board the aircraft to direct the search and said this remains an RCMP-led effort, with the Royal Canadian Air Force in a support role. The RCMP will determine the area for the air search.

RCMP officers are also going door-to-door to speak with residents in Gillam and on the Fox Lake Cree Nation over the weekend looking for leads to help with the investigation

Canada: police hunting murder suspects find charred car 3,000km from scene | Canada | The Guardian.

Canadian is a huge country, from a territorial landmass perspective, plus if they slip across the border, the western United States constitutes another huge landmass to search.

Rural Canada is a cruel place if they don’t have proper training they are going end up dead out there.

Good riddance if they get eaten by a bear.


Hopefully they still get found so at least it can be closed. Dead or alive is irrelevant at this point.

Eh saves a lot of paperwork and a long trial.

Long as they find the corpses.

They just found the bodies.

They are not saying yet whether they committed suicide.

But they confirm they are the suspects and both are dead.

My exact thoughts.

Now to sit back and wait to see if it was a bear. lol

If so, good riddance if $10 million drops in my lap this afternoon.

News tomorrow, “Man crushed by armored truck.”