Midnight Mass on Netflix

Just finished Midnight Mass on Netflix.

It is 7 episodes, about an hour each. It is a “slow burn”, for the first couple of episodes, but once they get the table set, this show is awesome.

I can’t tell you much at all without giving it away, but trust me: if you like horror movies (not jump flicks), this show is worth your time.

Language, smoking, and gore.

I like horror movies.

Will have to check this out.

I just finished the series as well.

Nailed it when he brought the trunk into the house.

I have to admit I had to fast forward past some of the dialogue. Seemed overdone and way too long for points that could have been made more succinctly.

Other than that, it was a great series with some interesting twists.

Here is the trailer:

Yeah, I was pretty sure I had it figured by ep2.

BUT, I wasn’t entirely sure. Given the history of our recent horror content, I still thought it might be Lovecraftian.

I mean an isolated seaside community? That’s Lovecraft country for sure.

Yeah. I definitely had to fast forward through a lot of the dialogue.

I’m kind of a “get to the point” person.

One thing I will say about that: there is a point where the characters ruminate about death, and what it means to die. That conversation renders a beautiful payback (actually 2 paybacks) later on.

Welp, as I said, I’m kind of a get to the point person. So 25 minutes plus of rumination over and over again (plus they sounded so whinny ) required a fast forward.

Oh sorry. I didn’t intend that for specifically you, but as a message to others reading the thread.

We aren’t doing the spoilers, are we? :innocent:

Nah. I personally don’t mind 'em, but some folks absolutely hate them.