Middle and High School Friend Passed Away

Got this news today on FB. Not surprised as her kidneys had failed her & the previous posting had her in ICU & on a ventilator, but it’s still sad news.

Mary was 54 & on dialysis for a long time. I had some disagreements with her & didn’t call to avoid upsetting her, but did continue to wish her well on her page, remember occasions like her birthday.

The friends who remained in the Tampa area became her family. Mary can now be free of pain & reunited with her parents, brother and husband.


My condolences on your loss.

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I’m so sorry, Janet. May she rest in peace.

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At one time this lady had a big, close knit family. I don’t know what may have interfered with relationships with them, but a mutual friend got really upset & called them out as neglecting her when she was very much in need. High school friends who remained in the area banded together to assist her.

She experienced her share of the disappointments, including being unable to have a child and dropping her petition to adopt when her husband passed suddenly. She’s now with the parents, brother and husband who loved her.