Michigan Election Certification

Trump isn’t above, he is the law


Poetic justice

Reporting from the meeting. And apparently the GOP member has called for public testimony. Possibly just delaying the certification.

As the former director of elections stated just now.

There is no “no” option. Only yes or adjournment to get more facts.


They are eating their own.

And yes. The meeting is still going on. The other GOP member, Norman Shinkle, is doing his damndest to delay this thing.

My county, the Republican just voted against certifying it even though Biden won by 22,000 votes.

Sort of amazing to see the Republican Party repudiate the whole concept of free and fair elections. Seems healthy for our society.

Oh look, he brought on the Detroit canvasser who tried to delay the county certification…

If a win for the Democrats is the end of our society, democracy can’t prevail.

This was awesome. In Luzerne, all the Dems voted yes to certify…all the GOP voted no.


If you’re going to run a grift, there’s no more target-rich environment than Trump supporters.

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It’s very interesting that the issues being brought up have not been addressed by law when GOP has been in power the last 10 years. Nothing. Now it’s a pressing issue that needs to be addressed.

Jeez… What a mockery of democracy.

And they’re starting to go down the Dominion rabbit hole now. Oh boy…

The Dominion narrative started in the Qanon bubble and spread via the Qanon queen Sydney Powell.

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I’m not saying anything.

I’m just saying a guy who went to MIT knows the rule against subtracting percentages.

He would also know the plot he generated was guaranteed to have a negative slope based on how he chose to analyze the data.

WHY he would choose to do that is beyond me… :sunglasses:

Seems the poster has been regurgibleeting what he was fed from the fake news troughs.

Michigan just certified! Way to go, Democracy!!!@@@!!!


I have been watching the live feed. So far the majority of the public callers have been folks that were watching the vote counting. And almost all of them were saying how the Republican watchers were constantly wanting to stop the count and challenge all of the mail-in ballots. One watcher who is a law student said that one gal was told every time she challenged a ballot that she needed specific cause.
When he asked her why she was trying to challenge every ballot she told him that the state Republican party told her to do it.


Yeah I was watching it too, or listening to it while I was plugging in data for a research project. The GOP poll watchers were off the chain bad at the TCF Center, constantly trying to slow things down and yelling at people. None of them had adequate training and were simply told to challenge every vote, even if there was no merit to it.

Bad mojo.

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On the other hand, that this routine procedure is “news” shows how ■■■■■■ the GOP has made things.


They were told that Trump is bigger than America or democracy.