Michigan Election Certification

The Michigan canvassing board board is meeting today at 1PM ET to certify the state’s election results. It appears that one GOP member is going to vote against certification. Its unclear how the other GOP member intends to vote.

A key Republican on the Michigan canvassing board is expected to vote against certifying the state’s election results on Monday, a potential boon for the Trump campaign’s conspiracy theory-fueled effort to delay the finalization of results.

According to Michigan GOP Rep. Paul Mitchell, who said he spoke days ago with Norman Shinkle, one of the two GOP members on the board, Shinkle indicated last week he would vote against certifying the election results until an investigation is completed so as to push a delay even though there is no evidence of fraud or malfeasance that would necessitate such a move.

What in the holy hell is wrong with these people? Its one thing if there was a preponderance of evidence suggesting maleficence in the election results. But there isn’t any!!! This is an extension of Trump’s misinformation campaign. What is going on?

This is outrageous. Michigan’s system hinges on the honor of less than a dozen people, and a significant percentage of them are telegraphing an intention to steal the state’s electors.


Don’t you know?? You won the election.

This is what winning feels like.

Tired of winning yet??

Go claim your prize.


Does kamala have any “official” signs behind her and on her podium yet??

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You know how many votes are the impact of the ballot books being out of balance?

In a state Biden won by 150,000 votes.

But this is so unconscionable certification must be held up so an audit (which by state law can’t happen until after the vote is certified) can be done.


The Trump GOP and “honor” should not be used in the same sentence.


GOP doesn’t care.
They support ignoring democracy and the will of the people.
As I’ve said 10000x

its Trump > America

Over and over and over again.


CSPAN will be live streaming the Michigan vote certification.

Trump before country. Always.


saying there is no evidence is not evidence of there being no evidence.

affidavits are evidence, corroborating them is what happens in court, not the newspaper.

What’s going on is that the sheople troughs are working overtime stating…there’s nothing to see here…all is good. The problem is that there are many inconsistencies that need to be investigated, before you sign on that…all is good.

In 2016, Trump won by Michigan by just 0.23%. During this recent election, Trump would lose three more MI Counties and not win Macomb County and Ottawa County by as much as he did in 2016. It is very easy to figure out why Trump lost Michigan during this recent election.

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Pro Jim Crow Republicans are likely going to break the law if they fail to certify the vote.


This has been debunked.

Dr. Shiva commits the cardinal mathematical sin of subtracting unequal percentages In his analysis.

An explanation as to why he is wrong is to be found here.

This guy shows when you do the math the correct way, and simply make a plot of the two variables you want to correlate (in this case, correlate GOP straight party voters with non-straight party voters that voted for Trump), you will find the Michigan data shows excellent correlation.

The same holds true for Biden in the data…another indirect proof no votes were switched because if they were switched, you would see the exact opposite correlation for Biden and straight party Dem voters.

So the actual data speaks strongly AGAINST any algorithmic switching of votes.

Now, since Dr. Shiva is probably a pretty smart mathematician, one wonders why he would make such a terrible mathematical error of subtracting percentages made up of unequal data points.


Forgot to add, in the rebuttal video I posted, it is also shown that plotting the data the way Dr. Shiva plotted it will never result in a straight line as Dr. Shiva assumed it would but will ALWAYS result in a downward sloping line.

Again, something Dr. Shiva ought to know.

Congratulations to the United States of America.


Are you saying that a man who claims
To have invented email is an anti vaxxer and claimed that #firefauci you can cure Covid with vitamins might be running a grift?

Is that what I said?



I mean Dr. Shiva, inventor of Email and curer of #firefauci Covid with vitamins is saying exactly what some desperately want to hear so it isn’t a trough where “sheeple” are feeding and “regurgibleeting” at all.


They don’t care.

Trump is above the law.

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