Michael Palin knighted in UK New Year's Honours

I always love hearing about the New Year’s Honours list and who gets named from the entertainment industry. This year, Michael Palin of Monty Python was knighted. Also honored with lesser honors are Twiggy and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd. (Why not David Gilmour???)


Good on him. I feel like he should have had that honor a long time ago, if only for his heroics in Castle Anthrax.


When the heck did they start handing out knighthoods without having to slay a dragon or save a maiden to earn it?

He helped take out the Rabbit of Caerbannog, does that count in your book?

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don’t worry being a knight has no benefit outside of you can call yourself sir.

So … chivalry IS dead. :wink:

I have come to the conclusion that many Americans say they find Monty Python funny because they are expected to say that.

Some of their skits were funny but overall their style of comedy is dated and pretty dire. I think its been 20-30 years since the BBC aired Python and for very good reason.

Not to long ago I had a conversation with an American friend who was taking about Monty Python and how funny it was but when I pressed him it was obvious he had not really ever watched the show except for the film Life of Brian.

Gilmour is already a member of the Order of Chivalry.