Michael Mann, the climatologist behind the infamous ‘hockey-stick graph,’ wins $1 million defamation lawsuit

Remember the infamous hockey-stick graph?

The part I have circled in green is a “projection” based on a “model.”
The paper, including the graph, was published in 1998 and the red lines, near the end where there are no blue, black, or gray lines, are projections for futuristic times that had not happened at the time of its publication. Seems like junk science to me

It’s okay to say that.
It’s okay to dispute the paper, the methods or what it is trying to imply.

Mark Steyn, a conservative radio host and blogger writing in the National Review called the paper “fraudulent” among other things,
Rand Simberg, an adjunct scholar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute compared Dr Mann to pedophile rapist Jerry Sandusky.

Apparently those are no-no’s because Dr Mann recently won a $1million jury verdict against the pair.


Then last month, Mann won a 12-year legal fight and a $1 million jury verdict against the conservative bloggers who called his work fraudulent and compared him to a pedophile. The defendants have said they would appeal.

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National Review, which was acquitted of any wrong doing, may be able to claw back the $1 million they spent defending themselves under DC’s anti-SLAPP statute.

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The gratuitous projection could be fairly called fraudulent IMO.

The comparison to Sandusky was totally not cool and way out of bounds.

Thanks for posting this. :sunglasses:


moral of story: do not expose leftists who are making the case to transfer more wealth and control. you will pay


The pedophile thing was way over the top. There’s no call for that.


I think the moral is, don’t call a scientist you disagree with a pedophile.


Of course you are correct.

I think that “connection,” wrong as it was, was that Penn State officials covered-up the Sandusky scandal for years so it’s a small leap to think they’d cover up bad research results by Dr. Mann.

That doesn’t make it okay, but that is why Mann was compared to Sandusky instead of say, Charles Manson or whomever.

The projections have born out to be true.


As a result of more ancient climate data becoming available, Mann published an updated hockey stick graph on Sept. 28, 2021 (here).
The new graph confirms the reliability of the original, experts told Reuters.
“The stick head has grown taller as we have continued to warm – as predicted – for the last 22 years,” said Dr Robin Lamboll, Research Associate in Climate Science and Policy, Imperial College London.
Lamboll added: “The different ways to estimate historic climates have become more numerous, but all with broadly the same message, and so the conclusions of the original graph have become only more solid since 1999.”
As Mann outlined in a peer-reviewed article accompanying the 2021 version (here), the updated, longer reconstruction further strengthens the argument that Earth’s recent warming is a historical anomaly.

Your quote tells us that the historical data have been confirmed.
Your quote says nothing about the (ahem) “projections” for the future,

As far as I know, little about Mann’s historic (pre thermometer) data was ever the topic of dispute.

he didnt do that

agreed. dumb thing to say

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From the quote above;

“The stick head has grown taller as we have continued to warm – as predicted – for the last 22 years,”

Which is it?


as time goes on, we see there is less and less tolerance for anyone who disagrees with the global climate super-hoax

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You should have considered the source on that one.

Their repressive tolerance is like that.

It’s like "they’re destroying our democracy.

You have to listen closely. Vocabulary, but not dictionary.

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Says nothing about the (somewhat imaginative) models, scenarios, and futuristic projections.

The hockey stick graph has played out to be accurate.

According to one suspect source with conflict of interest.