Michael Goodwin may be on to something

In his column, Goodwin said, “Enough people are willing to believe the worst because, hating Trump with every fiber of their being, they need the worst to be true.” (
Michael Goodwin: What Trump hate crime 'victims' hope to get out of their lies | Fox News)

Analyzing that i have experienced with some former friends and associates who are rabid Trump haters, i think that Goodwin may be on to something… What say you?

Does that same theory apply to “Trump lovers”?

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Does it? We could have a good discussion.

Yeah, that is a good article as an opinion piece. I basically agree with most of it. People believed this (Smollett) story because it fit what they wanted to believe. Same thing with where some Trump campaign supporter talked with some Russian or other and they fill in the blanks with all the collusion that must have gone on.
But as a subjective article about confirmation bias, it isn’t going to support that bias with the Trump haters. They will write it off as right wing opinion.

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Some Trump campaign supporter”*. “Some Russian or other”.

Yeah, Goodwin might be on to something - that inveterate water-carriers will ignore facts and try to obfuscate reality at every turn.

*Doug, if it’s too time-consuming to type out “Donald Trump, Jr.”, “Jared Kushner” and “Paul Manfort” (or a slew of others), you can just cut-and-paste these.


A lot of us on this forum(myself included) probably have a family member who we all believe the worst whenever we hear something about said person. Doesn’t really speak highly of Trump does it?

I try to see the good in most people unless they give me a solid reason not to. Trump, with all of his lies, horrid behavior, childish insults, and questionable work ethic, just really hasn’t given me a reason to give him the benefit of the doubt on any issue. And for those who look on at this stuff and nod their head in approval, yeah I am going to question who they are as people too.

Will some people take advantage of that for personal gain? Sure. Is it generally going to be a solid policy not to put a lot of faith in bad people? Yeah.

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Of course this ignores the actual reasons people hate the president. I dont give this much credence.

The only rational way to be is to hate Donald Trump. If you met someone like him in real life you would knock him on his ass (or worse depending on how much of his rape accusations you are honest enough to believe).

There is plenty of dumpster in Trump’s sphere that cannot be spoken of highly.

However, recognizing that fact is not the same as the TDS package so common in society today:

// < TDS override>

IF CONTAINS( < Anything >, “TRUMP” ) THEN “Must be Negative” END

That ^^ is what Goodwin is talking about.

Almost immediately the responses to this thread jumped to “Trump lovers”, which is just another application of the < TDS override > package to cast aspersion on anyone who doesn’t share in TDS by default.

Oh…I read the Readers Digest condensed version and they labeled it TDS. :sunglasses:

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trump has literally told thousands of lies since becoming president…

but the reason people dont believe him is because they hate him?

more than likely the inverse is true that the trump worshippers continue to believe the lies is because they are blinded by their unwavering love of the word made flesh…

I believe TDS is real. I also believed BDS was real.

I also believe ODS is real. Who’s with me?

I dont hate trump because he thinks 6g is real…i hate trump because he has maxe the nation more stupid for his being.

Quoted for posterity.

I say it is very much a two way street with Trump Supporters. They are so bound in their support of him, justifying their vote for him that they have to believe everything he says and does. Its a typical anti trump snuff out the opposition piece that has nothing, because the same can be said about Trump and Trump supporters. True?

Goodwin did a nice job of making Trump out to be the victim.
Poor poor Trump.

You got me…zing

I read it. His thesis, that “Trump hate crime victims” are the new Kardashians, is supported by, count 'em, one sample: Jussie Smollett. I’m no statistician, but…

All the other examples except Elizabeth Warren are political casualties, or vocal opponents, of the Trump administration. They haven’t positioned themselves as victims IMO. And, calling out those who have written books to cash in on unearned notoriety, as a means of defending Donald Trump, is not a little ironic. His entire public persona is based on unearned notoriety.