Michael Avenatti sentenced to 14 years

Former media darling being floated for a presidential run:





Interestingly, his 14 years DON’T EVEN START until his current 5 year sentence concludes on January 27, 2026.

Below is his current BoP stats.

In a few days, when they determine his proper expected gain time, they will likely come up with a date in the area of 2038.

Terminal Island is in the community of San Pedro, Los Angeles and is near Long Beach.

Register Number: 86743-054
Age: 51
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Terminal Island FCI
Release Date: 01/27/2026

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That’s what desperate for fame nets sometimes. I view fame like the plague, no thanks.

I wonder if this son of a bitch is related to Strzok?

Holy smokes. That is a spectacular flame out!

Good riddance â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– 

That dude needs better lawyers

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I don’t think so. He is, to an extent, a protege of Jonathan Turley, though.

Cool i guess.

Now, what ever happened to julie swetnick?? She should be in jail too.

That’s random.

Nevertheless, let me be the first to encourage you guys to call for the jailing of (alleged) rape victims.


Did julie swetnick allege rape??

Well, no one seems to give a â– â– â– â–  about whoever this is going to prison.

I noticed a higher profile person’s news bit didn’t make the lib cut this morning though. We all know why.


Who was that?

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He was a DNC and media hero. That’s how bad their judgement is…

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Yeah, for a while. Media was wetting themselves with excitement about his 2020 prospects.

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The only way we are allowed to discuss the bush era is what the dems did and who their heros were. Otherwise there was no bush era

To what “extent”?

Bush is when we found out our intel agencies lie. Some learned that lesson.

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