Mexico President reportedly is going to build a wall on their border

According to Bloomberg news Mexico’s new president will get tough on illegal immigration on the Mexican southern border by building a fence and placing a heavy police force their to protect from drugs flowing in and illegal immigrants coming from Central America.

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From the article.

“Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is planning his own border force to stop illegal immigrants and drugs crossing into Mexico from Central America, Alfonso Durazo, his chief of public security, told Bloomberg”.

Great. That would benefit the US as well.

Is Uruguay paying for it?

And he’s going to get Donald to pay for it.

Hmmm…so a wall is being built to keep out illegals from South and Central America…and Mexico’s paying for it.

There is nothing out a fence in that article.

The OP seems to have just made the wall part up.

It’s immediately caught my eye because Mexico’s southern border is the ■■■■■■■ Yucatán rainforest.

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womp womp

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Funny thing is America spend billions on Southern Mexico border defense already.

How’s your immigration thingy going? Toronto appears a tad overwhelmed but…Justin’s got it under control and it “surely” won’t cost Canadians a dime.

:rofl::rofl: five points.