MESSAGE MIX-UP: Democrats DITCH 2018 Campaign Motto, Try NEW SLOGAN | Sean Hannity

Democrats officially ditched their existing slogan heading into the 2018 midterm elections Wednesday; dropping their “Better Deal” platform and opting to campaign on “For the People.”

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They are a special kind of stupid. They want -

  1. Open borders.
  2. Take back tax cuts.
  3. Socialized healthcare.
  4. Increase EPA regulations.
  5. Impeach Trump.

We already lived through 8 years of #1-#4 - and they didn’t work. Americans soundly rejected their agenda so now they want #5… BADLY.

Sorry, but when has the Democratic Party ever done anything “For the People” other then raise taxes and turn our country into the welfare country of the world and manipulated our education system to reflect liberal socialist ideologies?

Democrats are only concerning with continuing the gravy train theft writ large they have been enjoying since the clinton years…Bush did nothing about it and Obama just continued the process of turning America into a banana republic…may then all die in a plane wreck on the way to their convention and may the plane crash into any that are not flying.