MERKEL’S MESS: Germany’s Leadership Hangs in the Balance Over Refugee Policy

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The political future of German Chancellor Angela Merkel hangs in the balance this week, with her coalition government facing an imminent “collapse” over their unpopular and controversial immigration and asylum policies.

The immigration showdown comes as Merkel has vowed to reject a possible proposal that would “turn away” new migrants and asylum seekers seeking to enter Germany from Syria, Libya, and other nations.

“She believes such a unilateral act goes against European principles and intends to seek an EU-wide solution,” adds the BBC.

“Emergency talks have, as yet, failed to soothe an increasingly bitter row, which is being replicated, albeit in perhaps rather calmer tones, in plenty of other EU member states - between those who believe there is still a chance for Europe to rise unified to the migration challenge and the, largely populist, figures who are sick of waiting for it act,” adds the author.

Merkel’s “open door” policy is increasingly under fire from other European leaders.

The regulations have already admitted more than one million migrants into Germany, who are then allowed to travel to other E.U. member states without restriction.

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