Mentally Disturbed Purchasing Firearms

Watched this incident on the ID show Killer Beside Me Sunday I had DVR’D. Notice how quick the article is to blame the action of purchasing a firearm.

My heart goes out to the Nosal family for the loss of their daughter, Caroline. However, both parents also seem quick to jump on the gun control bandwagon if you check other sources, and these people are a physician and a trauma nurse. People aren’t strictly flown to trauma centers with gunshot wounds. to learn about the late Theresa Saldana, who passed away from pneumonia in recent years. She was a wonderful actress, but she was also stabbed by her stalker, an insane who believed her to be an angel and wanted to be executed in the electric chair for taking her to heaven with him.

Ms. Saldana was nationally known. More regionally known is Melissa Dohme-Hill of Clearwater, Florida, who was also nearly fatally stabbed by her stallker. She is at this time an advocate for battered women, in particular helping teens to avoid such relationships, but AFAIK neither individual endorsed any gun control as victims and victims’ advocates.

Had Christopher O’Kroley, IMO, not been able to access a firearm, there are weapons he could have used. Why are so many so quick to blame access to the weapon rather than the simple fact that there are some people mentally disturbed enough to kill another person, and have always and will always find a way to do it?

Easy. The weapon caused the deaths. How hard is that to understand? On the other side, you have people on this forum who are against the mentally disturbed being prohibited from getting guns. EVERYONE should have them they say. You might start with the fanatics who believe that stuff.

“The weapon caused the deaths.”

Most likely, Christopher O’Kroley should not have been able to access a firearm. He had been arrested for non payment of child support, and had one suicide attempt on record.

However, even if he had been denied access to his weapon of choice, he could have accessed another, such as a carving knife, or struck his intended victim with his car.

There are instances of everything from stalking to murder that denying access to a firearm just won’t prevent.

You’re deflecting to other excuses because you have no argument. It’s the weapons.

That is an outright lie.

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What does not paying child support have to do with guns?

I apologize Janet Miller for my lack of manners. Welcome to the board and thank you for contributing.

There is a mechanism in place to prevent the mentally disturbed from owning firearms, and you know that.

And nobody here ever said any such thing.

With his history he should have never been able to legally obtain or possess a firearm. Again, this isn’t a gun problem it’s a problem of the gov’t failing to do it’s most basic duty.

There should have been an involuntary commitment and subsequent hearing to render him permanently ineligible.

Gov’t has largely replaced the role of God to many if not most democrats and they can’t stand the idea of blaming the gov’t when the system fails as it repeatedly does in such cases.

The weapon didn’t cause anything the person wielding it did. He could just as easily committed the same crime with any number of non firearm weapons including his car.

It’ll certainly keep you from obtaining a carry permit in our state.

No it’s not.

Yes, it is. In the 15 years I’ve been here nobody has ever said any such thing. It is a lie of Trumpian proportions.

Age is getting to you. They’ve said it.

Then quote it.

They are far and few between. MOST think that a person needs to be adjudicated as mentally ill and THEN not be able to purchase guns.

No, they didn’t. You weren’t paying attention.

It’s happened. Your glaze over any thought of changing gun regs.

The person pulling the trigger caused the deaths. Are you a pro-gun person acting like an anti-gun idiot?