Members Of Congress Will Now Have To Pay Out Of Pocket To Settle Sexual Harassment Claims

Well, isn’t that a fine pickle we find ourselves in now. LOL Have to pay their own harassment claims instead of us taxpayers. Life is rough at the top.

What a shame we don’t have to pay for their escapades any more.

Some bipartisan good news for a change.




I’d still like to see a list of who’s had payouts.

This is about all your going to get from them. Getting an actual list is probably never going to happen.

Good news and step in the right direction.

Wait a minute. Wasn’t Congress in a conspiracy to pay to keep quiet sexual harassment claims from going public by paying them off on the quiet? Clearly that must have been done to help Congressmen in their chances to gain re election. That should be an FEC violation and a crime, shouldn’t it?
Shouldn’t Congress impeach itself and go to jail?

Good news.

I fully support anyone that paid off sexual harassment charges to keep them quiet be immediately impeached… R or D or I…

This is kinda more surprising this was only done recently than the exemption of congresscritters from laws regarding insider trading.



Any Congressman (or woman) who has paid off sexual assault victims that you want to impeach, I’m right behind you.

Something good for a change. We’ll have to raise their approval rating above the single digits now.