MEET THE CLINTONS: Bill and Hillary Play to Half Empty Arena, Tickets for as Low as $6.55 | Sean Hannity

Bill and Hillary Clinton kicked-off their multi-city world tour in Toronto Wednesday night, speaking to a “half empty” arena and discussing a wide range of issues including climate change, America’s “compromised” leadership under President Trump, and more.

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Maybe they will bus in union and party members or pay people to attend in order to fill more seats.

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Hills it’s over gf no one cares about your views. Your star has faded and the spotlight has moved. Go home and get treatment for the cancer eating away at your soul.

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We r all following a spirit. It’s still time to repent

I really hope she lives long enough to run again. Slam dunk for Trump 2020!

I would really like to see her and the rest of Obama clan to face charges in court. For some reason I doubt that we’ll ever see that because they don’t want to be called racist. I don’t understand that kind of reasoning but that’s what it is. Unfortunately the democrats will do anything to prevent that from ever happening. It wouldn’t look good for them. And that is what the problem is.