Mediaite Joins the Fake News Frenzy

Originally published at: Mediaite Joins the Fake News Frenzy | Sean Hannity

Last week we posted audio (Listen Now: Hannity EXPOSES Fake News NY TIMES LIES, Selective Editing Fake News) that set the record straight about what was said on the Hannity Radio and TV Shows regarding COVID-19. Two writers from the NY Times fabricated a story to further their slanderous agenda against those of us supporting the President. Of course, no retractions or apologies were made once the audio was posted proving that they concocted their narrative out of thin air.

Today the Fake News media has struck again, this time through an outlet known as Mediaite. Of course, they are publishing lies about not just about The Hannity Show, but also the Fox News Channel, Downplaying To Severe Concern: Fox Hosts And Pundits Evolving Tone On Coronavirus.

Their article, which leads with a freeze-frame of Sean Hannity, goes on to talk about the “downplaying” of the Coronavirus. It should come as no surprise that even at a time like this where we all need to come together, Mediaite has chosen to politicize a crisis. Not surprising since smears, slanders and character assassinations come naturally to those at this Fake News outlet.

So here we go again, we have posted the audio of Sean (listen above) discussing as early as January the unprecedented nature of COVID-19; discussing it with not one, not two, but THREE different physicians. We are trying to bring facts not fear to our audience because we know the strength and will of the American people; we will overcome this and we will do it as one nation, leaving the Fake News media to point fingers at one another while the rest of us look for a cure.

Listen above as Sean discusses the rare and strange strain of this Coronavirus on January 28th with Dr.’s Gross and Umbehr, and February 10th with Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute for Health who is a member of the Coronavirus Task Force.