MEDIA MALPRACTICE: In Mueller Frenzy, Media Ignored Explosive Congressional ‘Sexual Slush Fund’ Scandal

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After two-years of non-stop, partisan investigations surrounding so-called “Russian collusion” and the Trump administration, the mainstream media has conveniently ignored an explosive “sexual harassment fund” scandal that surfaced in late 2017.

According to multiple reports from November 2017 and beyond, American lawmakers used the largely unknown Congressional Accountability Act to conceal payments made to victims of sexual harassment and other crimes committed by legislators.

“The law was a well-intentioned and much needed effort to end Congress’ status as the ‘last plantation.’ But some of the fine-print provisions — such as mandating that settlements be secret and having taxpayers pick up the tab for lawmakers violating the law — represent the opposite of accountability,” reported USA Today.

“Congress makes its own rules about the handling of sexual complaints against members and staff, passing laws exempting it from practices that apply to other employers,” said the Washington Post.

“It has all the makings of a serious scandal: more than $17 million in public money paid since 1997 to settle workplace disputes on Capitol Hill,” wrote Politico.

The scandal was remarkably replaced by the special counsel’s never-ending investigation; unveiling a series of indictments that sparked a media frenzy but failed to provide zero evidence of Russia-Trump collusion.

Where’s the outrage?