Measured CO2 levels under face masks exceed OSHA standards

that masks didnt do squat

Haven’t you already admitted that your graphs are insufficient to prove anything?


i have not admitted to that. lol

i thought everyone on here was a master class armchair scientist

In my misguided attempt to understand the Right, I once listened to folks like Shapiro, Owens, and even Milo. Just to try and get a grip on their perspective. Crowder is another I listened to, and the Canadian professor Peterson. Even watched a few Man’s Rights videos and watched the Doc “The Red Pill”.

As a Moderate Leftist, I do find a lot of the “cancel culture” annoying, and they can make valid points about censorship and political correctness.

But the longer I listened, the more I realized (along with feedback from some good souls here like Tommy) that this was a veneer underlying an ugly core of nationalism, hatred and intolerance. Pretty arguments gift wrapped around a package of contempt and shallow logic, presented in a palatable way to attract those unwilling to search for facts and truths the old fashioned way, by thinking for themselves.

It was a way to make someone feel they knew more, but actually knowing less. Clever, really. And Shapiro and Owens are the masters of this form of manipulation.

No, and I wear one 10 hours a day. Some Docs have run marathons wearing them to make a point.

Some folks are just big babies about being told they need to do something. They need to put their big boy or girl pants on and act like adults.

The paper in the OP has been retracted.

So there is that

Too late.