Meal Delivery Real Eats Closed

We lost our favorite chef quality meal delivery service Wednesday Real Eats.

Real Eats was unique for taste and freshness with its boil in bag packaging and top quality meal selection.

Took us by surprise. No hint that they were struggling. They are based in upstate NY and essentially blamed the inflationary economy and difficulty securing capital.

Let’s Go Brandon and Kathy Hochel.

Company founder Dan Wise said Wednesday the decision to close RealEats was not an easy one.

“I’m very sad to share that RealEats has been forced to close its doors as of today,” he said by email. “Despite our best efforts to weather the current capital climate, the financial challenges we have faced in recent months have proven insurmountable. Our team worked tirelessly to cut costs and explore all available options to keep the company afloat. However, the uncertainty and volatility of the financial markets, coupled with the economic downturn, have left direct-to-consumer businesses like RealEats with very few options for much-needed capital.

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“I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated and hard-working employees, New York state, Ontario County, the city of Geneva, Cornell, our investors, and all stakeholders for their support and investment in RealEats,” he continued. “I deeply appreciate their unwavering commitment to building a better food future.”

Anyone else ever use them?

Anyone use another similar home delivery service?

Very disappointing to me since Real Eats had a quality product.

The days of unprofitable tech related companies living on easy capital are over, it’s an interest rate thing.

As for those sorts of meal delivery services, no need for me, I used to be a chef and they cost quite a bit more then making it yourself. I can see how people who aren’t into cooking might want to use them though, still expensive luxury at a time when inflation has a lot of people tightening their belts. I would look for a lot of the others to bust too.

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We used it as an alternative to dining out.

I think they got too ambitious with their growth model and really hope they can revive.

The article did also point out that more people are returning to eating out so definitely a factor there.

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Is this like Instacart? or Grub Hub? That shopped for you?

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Rp5, it was a good place, RealEats Meals, Geneva, New York Farm-fresh, radically real, fully prepared personalized meals. Shipped to yòur home

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Sorry about your loss. I hope that doesn’t happen to the delivery services I use.

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We are researching now.

There is 1 local Pittsburgh service that looks worth trying.

I heard Factor 75 and Cook Unity are good also.

I just loved the freshness and versatility of freezer storage of the boil in bag packaging. Nobody else has this. Stouffers used to use this in the 80’s and 90’s.

I used Hello Fresh for awhile. I dropped them because it took too much time to cook the meals and the instructions were confusing or skipped steps. Probably because it was new to the US at the time and the company is based in Germany.

I’m sure they’ve worked out kinks by now.

The food was very good and good quality.

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I am wiling to try a prep to eat option. Looking more for convenience and quality with my wife’s health issues these meals are a big help.