McCABE’S REVENGE: Former FBI Deputy to SUE Trump for ‘Defamation’

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Former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe unveiled his plans Friday to sue the Trump administration for “defamation” and wrongful termination, reports the Hill.

McCabe’s attorney Michael Bromwich also informed members of the media that his client may also pursue “civil claims” over his abrupt removal from the bureau after a scathing report from the DOJ found him guilty of leaking material to the press.

“We’ll file when we’re ready,” Bromwich told reporters.

Just last week Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his full report on McCabe’s actions; blasting the former bureau boss for intentionally releasing classified information to the media regarding Hillary Clinton’s botched email investigation.

Andrew McCabe took to the internet shortly after his firing; raising over $500,000 to help his looming legal fight against the Trump administration.

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biggest soap opera of a Presidential Administration that I can ever remember.

I guess since plan A and plan B didn’t work, libs will judge shop for plan C.

They just can’t accept that they lost.


Well I think that is just a fine idea.

:rofl: hahahaha!!!

Probably not a good idea to file a civil suit when your going to have criminal charges filed against you.

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Agreed. The move also reeks of Manafort’s attempts to sue his way out of his current legal jeopardy.

Although, with respect to the possible criminal charges, are they coming? The IG made the referral back in February, and crickets on that front thus far. I believe he should be charged and fully prosecuted, but I am not confident at all that Sessions will take this approach.

Kind of puts justice in an awkward position. Internal investigatiors, the IG both found evidence he lied/mislead fbi agens. Senior fbi agent agreed and he was fire.

Turned over to justice for charges.

Now if Justice refuses to file charges, next person charged with lying to the FBI brings this case up and demands to know why their no name nobody client is charged, while the number 2 in the department gets off without them. Imagine your a judge determining if it’s equal justice under the law when asked to dismiss charges.

McCabe may very well be suing from prison so it will certainly be entertaining.

Exactly. That’s the part that leads me to believe they have to prosecute. But it’s been since February and nothing. What’s the hold up?

Fat Donald getting a taste of his own medicine?

As Michelle Malkin would say. " Boo Freaking Hoo".

I doubt he has any chance of winning such a suit.

But more power to him!

Mr. Sue Happy Trump wrote the book.


Then why isn’t Trump replacing Sessions with an AG who can perform the duties of the job? The buck ultimately stops with the POTUS.

Yes it does stop with Trump, but senate republicans threaten Trump that they won’t pass another AG.

They can threaten that if they want. But if his own party refuses to confirm a different AG nominee, then what does that say about Trump’s leadership as the head of the party? Or about his deal making skills? Or about his willingness to buck the establishment, rather than being beholden to them?

I think it has more to say about the republican party then Trump. Remember it is in my opinion republican failure is what given rise to Trump.

See old forum where I started thread “Republicans created Trump” or something to that effect.

Found it.

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I agree with you in large part about the GOP’s past behavior giving rise to Trump. But now here we are, and Trump is the head of the party. He can either bow down to the threats of the establishment, showing his outsider persona was all just a charade, or he can do what needs to be done, in spite of their threats. This now has everything to do with Trump and his decisions. Because as you agreed, the buck stops with him.

I have no problem Trump letting Session go. Only reason why he was selected because everyone thought it was safe senate seat to replace him. Well that didn’t turn out to well did it?

BTW…I never seen you criticize Holder or Lynch during all these years.

I wonder why. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well, as most posters here know, I was not active the last 3-ish years of the Obama Presidency because of personal health issues I was dealing with.

Additionally, I comment on current events. So if you want to start a thread discussing Lynch or Holder or Obama, I’ll join in and you’ll likely find me to be as critical of them as any other conservative here. I’ve posted plenty of times about my opposition to basically every policy position Obama held. Fair enough?

I not only have no problem with Sessions being let go if he fails to prosecute McCabe, but I believe it should be demanded. The real question is whether Trump supporters and defenders like you will also demand it, or will lose some of your support if not? I think I already know the answer though, considering how his addition of Bolton and our immediate attack on Syria did not deter your affection for Trump. :thinking:

Trump is not the leader of the GOP. He’s barely a member.

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