McCABE’S REVENGE: Former FBI Deputy to SUE Trump for ‘Defamation’

Negative. He is the head of the party. It is Trump’s party now. And not just because he is President. But because they have all acquiesced to his will. You may not like it, for whatever reason (because don’t you claim to not be a Republican?) but it still reality by every objective measure.

I believe we should demand it. If they don’t then they need to clear everyone record of lying under oath and never again procute anyone else.

As for Trump losing my support? Who else I’m I going to vote for? A lib? Bush crony? Traditional republicans that don’t have a spine? The very one hat gave rise to Trump?

Sorry, not going to happen.

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It has nothing to do with what I like. You are still trying to fit Trump into the mold. He’s just as likely to sit down with Schumer and Pelosi as McConnell and Ryan. Hell his best friend in Cengov is Schumer.

He IS NOT the leader of the GOP.

And no, I am not nor have I ever been a Republican.

If Sessions doesn’t pursue prosecution, and Trump doesn’t replace him, then Trump becomes the exact same spineless Republican you claim you can’t support. Yet you still will I bet, because principles don’t seem to matter anymore. Which is why when you listed your options, you didn’t even think to list a principled conservative opposed to Trump. :thinking:

Trump was forced on them by republican voters. You think repugs wanted him to lead em?

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You’re just plain wrong here. If he could just as easily sit down with Schumer and Pelosi as he would Ryan and McConnell, then we would have seen him do it by now. But he hasn’t, and he won’t, because he is the head of the Republican Party. He is them and they are he and they are all together.

It is not the party of Paul Ryan. It is not the party of Ted “Kiss the Ring” Cruz. It is definitely not the party of Mitch McConnell. It’s not the party of Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, or Jeff Flake. It’s not the party of the Freedom Caucus. It’s not the party of McCarthy or Scalise or Gohmert. No. It’s the party of Trump plain and simple. He dominates the party, sets the agenda, drives the narrative, sets the tone, demands his will be done by them, to which they largely acquiesce. There is just no other way around this obvious truth.

To suggest otherwise comes across as either willfully obtuse or trying to be a contrarian for the sake of contrarianism.

Absolutely not. But now that we are approaching two full years of Trump being the party nominee through being elected President, they have made the collective decision to become the party of Trump. And the ones who pushed back against his takeover of the party have been forced out. Look at some of the moderates in the House and Flake and Corker in the Senate as prime examples of this reality. It is Trump’s party now and for the foreseeable future.

News flash he has. Blowback came more from democrats then anything else. Libs didn’t want to give Trump any legitimacy.


That’s a pretty weak attempt at revisionist history Conan. The one time Schumer and Pelosi supposedly came to an agreement with Trump, was immediately reneged on by Trump within hours of Republicans getting in his ear and reminding him that it is the party of Trump and not the party of Schumer/Pelosi. It was not an agreement that the Democrats backed out on. Trump did.

I do agree there was backlash from the Democratic side though. Just that Schumer and Pelosi seemed willing to weather that criticism to make a deal with Trump. It was the backlash from the right that had Trump walk away from his agreement with them. Which was fine by me, because I didn’t want that deal either.

But don’t try to re-write history when it is still so fresh my friend. :wink:

ETA: Have to run for a bit. It was good discussing this with you and SSFD. Hope you both have a great afternoon.

You too.
I’m having a lazy day. :wink:

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Evidently the bar for REFERRING prosecution is low, and the bar FOR prosecution is high. So it’s really not a prosecutable offense. But not sessions is painted into a corner because teh CEC…

I’m glad this guy is suing trump. Trump needs to stop using the power of the presidency to harm americans.

But yet libs stood by silent for 8 years while Obama weaponized our goverment.

He did, remember. Trump is not the leader of anything. Watch what happens after the mid terms.

Since Bolton is part of the Trump Administration, he is now considered cool. :sunglasses:

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What does that mean? Who did Obama use his ‘weapon’ against?

What’s really funny is a number of republicans “want” Trump to weaponize the Gov and shut down the people investigating Russian interference (because their favorite politician “might” get caught up in it).

How has trump "harmed Americans?

I keep asking em but get no reply.

I also ask them what corruption has he done. They only come back saying he fired Comey, obstructionism.

Trump calls american companies terrible names all the time. He calls americans terrible names all the time as well.

You don’t think being insulted by the POTUS harms you in a professional or personal sense?

He calls them childish names, not terrible. Sticks and stones…

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