MAXINE EXPLODES: Waters Says Trump ‘Deserves Impeachment’ for 'Loving Dictators'

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Firebrand Congresswoman Maxine Waters called -yet again- for the impeachment of President Trump this week; labeling the Commander-in-Chief a “dangerous” man who has “aligned himself with the enemy.”

Waters was speaking with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes when she was asked to comment on her liberal rallying cry of “Impeach 45,” saying Trump “deserves” to be impeached because he “loves dictators.”

“I believe that this president is dangerous. I think he has undermined our democracy. I think he’s aligned himself with the enemy, with Putin. He loves dictators. He has literally undone some of the good public policy that has been created for the safety of the citizens of this country. And I believe that he certainly qualifies for impeachment,” said Waters.

“He deserves to be impeached,” she concluded.

h/t Washington Free Beacon