Mattis states that suspension of US/SK military exercises “not open-ended”

…as tensions between the US and North Korea once again grow over NK’s failure to ahow any significant progress towards denuclearization.


Well…this was certainly an unforseen development. Who could have predicted that this is how it would all go down?

Do I still get to keep my commemorative coin?

Opening salvo. This is far from over. Let’s see where we are at the end of Trump’s second term.

I know; I know. Trump-haters have already declared failure.

but, like all of us they too will have to wait.

FAKE NEWS, can’t you read?:


Its over.

right on cue. :roll_eyes:

There is no longer a nuclear threat… can’t you read?

The discussion is about whether or not Trump will be successful. We will only be able to see that at the end of Trump’s 2 terms in office.

Playing silly games with well worn links from prior discussion will not change that simple fact.

There is no longer a nuclear threat… can’t you read?

Sounds like Mattis needs to check with his boss. Trump told us the nuclear threat is over.

That silliness has already been debated at length in a prior thread. Do you seriously believe it adds anything to the OP discussion?

Do you think the President was honest when he told us the nuclear threat was over? I’m not in another thread. I’m in this one…

You have done nothing to prove there is a threat, I provided proof…

Don’t you guys ever tire of this nonsense?

Actually all you did was create a straw man argument. :+1:

There is no longer a nuclear threat… can’t you read?

Anyone who knows anything about North Korea knew how this would play out.

Especially since Trump then decided to play trade war with Xi and then the only country who ever had any leverage over North Korea decided to play games with their leverage.

You can say “too soon to tell” until you’re blue in the face, but North Korea will never give up their nukes unless there’s a war…and do we really want a war with North Korea? Even one we would win…but the win would be pyhrric.

No what will happen is Trump will have to seek some accomodation with North Korea…like all the leaders before him.

And the real “victory” that he claimed ALREADY…that he was able to get North Korea to do things no other President had ever been able to do…will be lost.

We don’t have to wait for that, Peek…it’s happening now.

Trump is no different…has gained nothing different…from North Korea than any other President ever has.

Actually we do have to wait. :+1:

so the peace summit was a bust outside of legitimizing Kim on the world stage

Me and mine feel safer.