Massie - Constitutional hero or villain?

If you don’t touch each other and don’t cough on each other, you’re fine.

Why shouldn’t the entire house get together to vote on the stimulus?

Massie says he’d like to explain himself but isn’t being given that opportunity.

Massie requested time to explain himself on the House floor, approaching House Ways and Means Committee ranking member Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) as debate time dwindled. He was refused.

“Are they afraid of the truth?” Massie wrote on Twitter. “I’ve been told that they don’t even have 1 minute available for me to speak against this bill during the 4 hour debate. The fix is in. If this bill is so great for America, why not allow a vote on it? Why not have a real debate? #SWAMP

Massie confirmed he would force the roll call vote even after President Trump called for him to be thrown out of the Republican Party for considering the move.

“I swore an oath to uphold the constitution, and I take that oath seriously,” Massie wrote on Twitter. “In a few moments I will request a vote on the CARES Act which means members of Congress will vote on it by pushing ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or ‘present.'”

Why is he delaying a vote that’s going to pass overwhelmingly anyway?

And did.

Principles. I’ll say this for him, he put skin in the game. He’s done.

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Yeah that’s a thing that politicians are known to have.

Apparently he does.


Or he’s a “third-rate grandstander” who should be thrown “out of the Republican Party.”

Why else would he become the most hated man in the country?

He is not principled at all. He is a hypocrite and grandstander. Nothing more. He has fallen in line with the rest of the faux Tea Party liars in the age of Trump.

“I am going to vote for this,” Massie said smiling. “This is a new experience for me to be excited about a bill.”

Massie’s decision to support the current House version of the bill is a major sign of progress for leadership that has often struggled to win support from the conference’s right flank. Massie, in particular, is known on Capitol Hill for voting against many of leadership’s must-pass bills and is considered a deficit hawk.

Justin Amash is really the only one left of the TP that has shown actual principles.

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That’s the reaction, not the reason.

That’s what I’m asking. What did he want in the bill that he didn’t get? His Twitter looks like Bernie Sanders.

Why do you assume it’s not principles?

Oooh i am gearing he is going to primary trump and start a tea party. It’s only in my head but i am hearing it.

Never let a crisis go to waste right? :joy:

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Because it’s a DC politico and a Tea Partier at that, who aren’t known for their adherence to principle when power is on the line.

In your opinion.

Fundamental attribution error.

That means very little to me.

His actions have consistently spoken for him.

“Breaking news: Congressman Massie has tested positive for being an ■■■■■■■■■ tweeted former Democratic Secretary of State John Kerry,

If the bigger " ■■■■■■■ " John Kerry does not like him, that’s reason enough to know I do. You go Massie :sunglasses: