Mass incarceration through the years

In an era where crime has never been lower why do incarceration rates continue to skyrocket and how do we remedy what’s become a systemic problem perpetrated by both parties? With 4% of the World’s population and 22% of all prisoners something needs to be done.

1980 - 501,800 Americans incarcerated
1990 - 1,148,700 Americans incarcerated
2000 - 1,937,400 Americans incarcerated
2017- 2,362,500 Americans incarcerated

That is approximately a 450% increase since Reagan’s 1980 Beacon of Hope speech

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Wait, is it possible that this is the reason why crime has never been lower ?



Decriminalize drug use, create more programs to help people recover.

Remove minimum sentencing guidelines, every case should adhere to precedence but allow the judge to be given the opportunity to consider the context that is unique in each case

Eliminate for profit prisons.

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Why not ? You have evidence of this ? Statistics seem to show those two trends directly proportional.

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Wut? :wink:

You only have to look at NYC and what happens when they release criminals because they can’t afford bail.

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Hmm I don’t think so. Prison isn’t necessarily a deterrent of crime.

I would expect to see crime rise at the same rate of incarceration. More criminals, more crime.

But if you have less criminals, then wouldn’t incarceration go down?

Having the inverse happen may point to changing of laws or adding new ones. The rate of incarceration is outpacing the rate of crime.

Idk, could be putting the cart before the horse. I was thinking with more criminals behind bars, there’s less of them out on the streets to commit crimes. That may be oversimplifying it, though.

What are the numbers of violent crimes committed resulting in convictions associated with these numbers? Also, these are 10 year (except 2017), totals. How many convictions are new or were counted during the previous 10 year compilation?

Yes they are and the totals keeps increasing at a blistering pace despite the country being the safest it’s ever been

Thanks to Biden…

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Too much ■■■■ is illegal.

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The homicide rate in the 2017 (5.4) was roughly half of what is was in 1980 (10.2). If the rate had stayed at 1980 levels roughly 300,000 addition people would have been killed.

Clearly we should not send people to prison unnecessarily, but simply emptying the prisons would have consequences.

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Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

6% of the US population, commit 52.6% of the murders.

Why not? Sounds reasonable to me.

Ok. That might require an explanation. If a thug is in prison, how is he gonna kill, loot, rape someone outside of prison?

That’s correlation but regardless by 1990 there were twice as many people in jail and the crime was never worse. No there is no provable direct link. Just supposition

The fear that you may be incarceration - a deterrent

The person in prison might not, but crime doesn’t stop when we lock someone up… it stops that person and that’s it.

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