Mary Simon sworn in as new acting Gov. General

Mary Simon was sworn in today as Gov. General she will act as the head of State on behalf of the Queen.
Mary Simon is the first Indigenous person to hold the highest office in Canadian Government.

Mary Simon is now officially the country’s new governor general and the first Indigenous person to hold the role following an installation ceremony in Ottawa on Monday morning.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau named Simon, an Inuk leader and former Canadian diplomat, as his choice to be the Queen’s representative in Canada earlier this month, replacing Julie Payette who resigned in January.

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does this have any bearing on how well she will do her job?

Its important milestone and gives Indigenous people belief that reconciliation is a priority.
If your going to imply she was only picked as a “Token” minority that is simply untrue she is well qualified.

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no one established this as a “milestone”

people think this is relevant only because they value groupism over all else. it’s sad. and regressive

a true progressive (mostly conservatives these days) understands that “ethnics” don’t matter.

i only hope that the left catches up to them and joins them in the march forward

It seem to be an important milestone to Canadians.


i understand

Leftists Americans feel this way too

it’s hard to get people to move beyond such primitive notions

give it time

How dare we celebrate Indigenous culture and an Indigenous woman… shame shame
when she was born Indigenous people couldn’t vote let alone become the most powerful civil servant in the nation.

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If this is not a token appointment, then there is no institutional/systemic racism in Canada. Reconciliation is no longer a priority. It is achieved.

It’s a milestone to racists, because it gives them the impression that they are not racist. Non-racists don’t care what race their Governor General is. They wouldn’t even notice unless the racists had virtue signaled their baby steps away from their own dark side.

when she was born Indigenous people couldn’t vote, now an Indigenous woman hold the highest civil office in Canada.

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So, racism is over. So, move on to some other genuine concern. Stop picking at the healed scar tissue.

The US had a black president for 8 years. As a nation, their racism is over too. But a minority who are racists keep scratching the scar tissue to virtue signal for their own political gain.

which issue would you like to move on too.

the missing and murdered indigenous woman.
the skyrocket suicides in Northern Canada
the lack of clean drinking water
RCMP misconduct and racial profiling
abuse of treaty rights local/provincial/federal government.

I could go on.

Yes move on to those without mentioning systemic racism as a cause. Focus on the other genuine causes of those perceived injustices.

it’ll take time

…and yet white Americans after voting for Obama…are still “wacist”. Go figure.

It is an important milestone.

My wife has lived with me for 33 years. It’s an important milestone and gives me hope that we both see reconciliation as a priority.