Mark Sanford considering primarying Trump

Yes, he of the Appalachian trail fame lol :laughing:

His credentials are solid. We know he cheats on his spouse and talks a good game on spending and deficit:

Sanford, who previously served as South Carolina’s governor, would run as a Republican.

“I’m a Republican. I think the Republican Party has lost its way on debt, spending and financial matters,” he said.

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A Republican Politician walking the Appalachian Trail while his wife is home with his 4 little boys. He should do well.

If only it had been with a porn star, he would have a real shot in South Carolina :raised_hands:

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Yeah, but she’s Argentinian, that’s probably some bonus points.

A real family man! I could support him in 2024. I’m sorry, but Donald Trump is who Republicans are going to support no matter what.

Not nearly eleventy dimensional enough for Donald’s base to consider.

Didn’t he apologize for his indiscretion?

That alone disqualifies him.

Only losers apologize.


This is exactly the time for him to do this and try to make himself relevant again. No one will be allowed to bring up his infidelities and that will wash them from history.

Smart move.

+1 added diversity bonus, +1 added female bonus. I am not sure his base stats, but if you can add a disability to the list it’s a +2 bonus added to his critical strike,…