March on Washington DC 2020

No thread on today’s march?

57 years ago history was made. Some good speakers. I thought Jacob Baker’s sister’s call to black men was good.

Ayanna Pressly was good.

Good to see Americans out peaceably assembling to redress grievances.

Sharpton needs to update his software and retire. He’s out. The strong women of color have taken over.


It was very good actually. Got the appropriate amount of coverage too. Very positive.

I suspect no one made a thread here because this march doesn’t exacerbate the current message of riots/looting/violence.

That was a beautiful protest. Not a fire or a murder in sight.

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Rep. Ayanna Pressly (S) Massachusetts

Glad you approve. Wish I were there.

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Me too. The King family are awesome. I’d love to hang out with them.

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Letetra Widman, sister of Jacob Blake. I think we’ll be seeing her again.

See Sharpton trying so hard to be relevant?

Is that why you didn’t make the thread?

Yes, Martin Luther King III gave a good speech.

I could listen to that man talk for hours.

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I actually thought about it but didn’t think it would get traction here.

Why not?

I thought it was great.

They are, we need more activists like them at the forefront of recent movements.

You are not the audience I was talking about.

I’m glad you posted it though. Thanks

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The libs here aren’t Woke?

I guess you were right… no interest.

Timing isn’t right I guess.

I do find it interesting that when there is a large peaceful protest, the one that most cons say they want, there is zero real interest.

Ignoring there is not one lib post in this thread?

A peaceful protest isn’t a surprise for a lib. The majority of them are.

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