Many middleclass Americans will pay substantially more to for "free" childcare

Some local elections, if the people in that jurisdiction allow them to.

Could you be more specific?

“Licensing regimes” among other things. Self-licking ice cream cones.

This legislation, if enacted, will effectively destroy the private daycare industry. I completely agree that’s the endgame. Clearly the goal is for daycare to become part of the public school system and push those costs on to middleclass homeowners, which will then lead to a 30% increase in property taxes!

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That’s already the case, childcare in this country is very expensive its one of the reasons people are not having kids anymore.

For somewhere decent you are looking at 1500 a month per kid, that’s a mortgage payment add in more kids and it becomes insane

Maybe more families will learn to survive on one income, or one parent will get an odd hour, maybe other than Monday through Friday job to avoid child care.

As it is, some realize they’re spending less by one parent staying home. They’re spending zero on child care & less on such expenses as gas for a second vehicle.

Increasing wages for child care workers and, obviously passing the costs on to parents can only backfire.

Exactly. This is all about feeding more suckers to these greedy universities, to spend ■■■■ loads of money on useless degrees, as well as feeding more members to the teachers union!