Many middleclass Americans will pay substantially more to for "free" childcare

I have no doubt that there are many things in the Build Back Better legislation that will either do nothing for most middleclass Americans and even in the long term end up costing many in the middleclass more. I am pretty certain though that the worst thing for middleclass Americans is the supposedly “free” childcare provisions of this bill. Here are certain aspects of this:

"The Democrats’ child care proposal mandates higher wages for child care workers but then does not follow through on the public subsidies for all families. The result will be a massive increase in child care fees for families with incomes slightly above their state’s median income.

According to the Center for American Progress (CAP), the average cost of basic quality center-based infant care is $15,888, with $9,480 going to pay worker wages, $768 going to pay worker benefits, and $2,580 going to pay for administration.

Under the Democratic child care plan, child care worker wages are meant to increase to the wages currently received by elementary school teachers. The median child care worker is currently paid $25,460 per year while the median elementary school teacher is currently paid $60,660 per year. Thus, this mandate could increase child care worker pay by 138 percent. If we increase the salary cost from the CAP estimate above by 138 percent, the unsubsidized price of child care goes from $15,888 per year to $28,970, an increase of $13,082 per year. And this is not the only thing the bill does that will increase the cost of care."

Also from this link:

Under this scenario, there will be many dual-earning couples who cannot afford child care if both of them continue to work, but could afford child care if one of them quit their job and thereby brought their family income below the eligibility cutoff. Normally people who quit jobs to take care of their kids do so in order to save the money they’d have to spend on child care. Under this plan, they have to quit their job in order to afford child care!

How ass backwards is that? Think of the logic (or rather illogic) of what they are proposing with just the increased pay for childcare worker aspect. So they want to increase the pay of a childcare worker from $15,000-$25,000/year (depending upon the state) to $60,000 and higher and in some cases over $100,000/year (in NJ public school teachers can make over $100,000/year). So they want to pay someone $60,000 to $100,000/year so that a mother can go back to work and make $20,000 to $40,000/year! How does that make any ■■■■■■■ sense?

Here’s another source:

The left-wing policy analyst Matt Bruenig caused a stir when he warned of spiraling costs from higher pay and new regulations. He noted that the proposal’s subsidies to families are phased in based on income. This means that, depending on the proposal’s final design, unsubsidized families could be exposed to increased costs without getting additional government help. He cited the hypothetical of a two-earner family that feels the squeeze of increased costs, so one spouse quits to lessen the household’s income and thereby qualify for subsidies.

The reality of this utter nonsense is that government involvement will actually more than double the current free market costs of childcare with the phony (and temporary) promise that the rich are going to pay for this, specifically when you consider the fact that this component of the legislation will phase out after 6 years and then will be dumped on the states! What’s that mean? Hello higher property taxes! But hey Biden and his supporters could always say that your Federal taxes weren’t raised.

Here’s another analysis of this piece of the legislation:

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There’s the problem.

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There will come a point in America’s future where the only people able to financially afford to have children will be the very rich and the very poor.


Who gave them the power to dictate wages?


I suppose once the government essentially takes over an industry they can make any rules they want? The fact is that by artificially inflating these wages eventually the system will collapse as childcare becomes unaffordable. Once that happens they’ll say that the only solutions is to make childcare part of the public schools. The fact is the goal of the Left has always been to make childcare part of the public school system so that the teachers unions will get more members and more power. The thing about childcare for middleclass families was that even though it was expensive it was a temporary expense. If this passes it will become a permanent expense for all who pay high property taxes.

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The ultimate goal of the left is government ownership of children. That’s why they are striving to erase gender differences and terms like Mom and Dad. Society still has barely enough morality and abilty to think to go along with the confiscation of their children, but turn men and women into androgynous Birthing people or sperm donors and now they are just baby producing machines who’s only function is to serve the state.

Make no mistake, this is what’s coming…


This is from one of my links:

** to qualify for federal grants, states must also develop licensing regimes “appropriate for childcare providers in a variety of settings.” Past research on childcare licensure, including educational requirements, has found that these also raise costs by restricting the supply of would-be carers, without improving child outcomes.*

** state program plans would have to place providers into “quality” tiers, providing resources to achieve “high quality” care for all. In childcare speak, “quality” isn’t about what parents actually want, but criteria defined by government officials, usually meaning low child to staff ratios, extensive educational requirements for staff, and other regulations, all of which tend to raise costs and reduce the availability of care in poor areas (again, without much evidence they improve outcomes for kids or parents).*

In other words, to be a childcare worker one will have to get a college degree in Early Childhood Development (one of the many stupid degrees offered by universities). And since these childcare workers now have a college degree they will need to be fairly compensated! I mean who out there can change a diaper unless they have a college degree! This is the level of stupidity in modern prog/lib thinking.

I’ve been reading other sources on this as well. It’s going to be utter cluster ■■■■ to try to implement.

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I think the country would collapse before that happens. As I surmised earlier, legislation like this will eventually end the middleclass family. Children will become something only the very rich or very poor can afford. Imagine if someone were to pay out of pocket at government costs for the education and healthcare of their child in a state like NJ that would be about 2 million dollars for two kids into their mid twenties! No country can survive by destroying it’s middleclass and importing millions of the worlds impoverished citizens into it.

Jokes on them, home schooling is skyrocketing as is constitutional carry. The reason they are getting radical isn’t because they are winning.

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Now I will have to help pay for someone else childcare because my tax dollars are going to the liberal One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier pipe dreams.

Not my kids, I object.

Manchin has already said that he opposes this part of the bill. I think that the Democrats will have to pull it to get his support.

This discourages young people from having kids.

Wrong legislation at wrong time.

Tax breaks for children are better policy.

Bingo. It’s a non starter.

The republicans must realize this.

It won’t be in the final bill voted on in the senate.


why have children when you can let millions of illegals become your new voting base?


Illegals don’t vote in federal elections.


Do you have a link for that? I haven’t heard him talk about this specifically.

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How would you know, since you guys are against voter ID laws. Besides, TJ and his merry band of idiots is trying to sneak amnesty through under the radar. When they get it done they will also offer a very quick path to citizenship. Your Exalted Leaders know they’re going to lose in 22 and 24, so they will move quickly to stack the deck. Don’t underestimate the level of scumbaggery they will stoop to to win.


Our government is famous for applying a stupid answer to solve a problem, that simply creates a bigger problem than the one they’re attempting to resolve. Does anyone remember how they’re going to save the environment and trees by banning brown paper bags? Now our landfills are filled with plastic bags that take a long time to breakdown and are creating a much bigger problem that the renewable trees.


…and ignorance is bliss…comprende? Now go back to sleep. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Yes isn’t it.

And I am wide awake on my way to NYC for another fun filled day at work.

Maybe you could point out places where illegals vote in federal elections.

Seems to me you should not have any problem providing…uh you know evidence.

Methinks like trump claiming voting fraud.

You are a one trick pony.

So let’s see some evidence of your claim.

Giuliani is available I hear. Lol.