MANUFACTURED CRISIS? Border Arrests SURGE 84% from Same Time Last Year | Sean Hannity

The number of apprehensions taking place along the porous US-Mexico border soared in January 2019; rising 84% from the same period last year as multiple ‘migrant caravans’ stalled in Tijuana, Mexico.

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Cannot believe we are even having to discuss this crap. It was obvious even as far back as 6 months ago, that someone or some person(s) or groups went to the Southern America countries and made special invites to those seeking to get into the USA.
These are the true culprits, and should be prosecuted just for attempting to “FORCE” the United States, into accepting “ILLEGAL ALIEN” migrants. They have been systematically organized to perform this very dangerous trek here and have been promised a liesurely lifestyle of their choosing, especially and including health care, jobs, education and much more.
It is an orchestrated attempt of a silent coup against the USA, and the President’s administration, using a massive group of invaders, silently moving towards our border, “DEMANDING” entry. And most of these people are no different than you and I. Those that created this massive invasion, know full well the how to generate public pressure on the administration, and it is their plan to inundate this country with those who are “NOT” legally supposed to be here. As the saying goes, “FOLLOW THE MONEY” and at the end you will find a massive but centralized operation of attempting to both remove Presidnet Trump, by shear volume but also to force this country into an automatic “NO BORDER” sanctioned country. So, the real culprits creating this anarchy, are the money people themselves, and it isn’t a closed secret. They want people to believe they are the brains, but really they are nothing but cowards, period! They have no guts to fight logical reasoning and they love playing into the emootions of both the extreme liberal group, saying everyone should be here, no matter the laws, and against those that believe our sovereignty is sacred.
President Trump is the right person for this job, as he does not hide, like these dem-on liberal, socialist, progressive cowards do, and therefore they claim victum status, all while demeaning the USA rule of law.
So I say, fight fire with fire. President Trump has initiated a “FEDERAL EMERGENCY” citing immediate need to “STOP” those preparing to invade us, regardless of their reasoning, and methods. He is well within his right to protect my life, and that of my family as well as all of yours. PERIOD!
Sorry left, this cannot be disputed! You folks may gain here and there, but you “WILL” lose the fight against this President of the United Sates, “Donald J. Trump”, and it will be a rather un-ambulant and anti-climatic, as you leftist folks will simply just fade away, while the rest of the country finally is rewarded with the most beautiful country ever created on this “GOD’S” green earth, and that is an exciting new thing to have, especially as President Trump was the major designer behind our success. GOD Bless the US of A! PERIOD!

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Well said.