Mandates, Not Medicine

Hardly alone though, same article.

At least 27 courts filed challenges in a move to block the Nov. 4 federal vaccine mandate.


That’s pretty much what I was hinting at with post #9.

Federal mandates bad, state mandates good?

From the article:

The Fox anchor fired back: “So he can tell private businesses what to do? That’s okay. So they can’t take care of their own?”

Paxton finally seemed to concede at least part of Wallace’s point, proclaiming that “states have more authority over these areas” than the federal government.

“Yes, states have a lot of authority to deal with what’s going on in their states,” he concluded. “That’s been clear from the founding of our country.”



Is it somehow news to you that the feds and the states have different powers?


Of course not. I’m not sure how you got that idea from my post. Do you think states should be able to dictate health decisions to private businesses?

No, but the mandate to wear them was promoted by government first. You don’t get to ignore that.

Wear masks? I thought this thread was about vaccine mandates? I’m not ignoring the government promoting vaccine mandates, I’m outright saying that the government, whether it’s state or federal, should not dictate the health decisions of private businesses.

Vaccines too. The state mandates against are in response. First blood.

Oh, I see what you’re saying. I disagree with the mandates–all of them. Florida and Texas should have said that businesses in those states need not follow the federal mandates, but they went too far when they banned private businesses from making their own vaccine and mask decisions.

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I don’t disagree. The pressure would be different though.

I would add that local governments could not mandate it either.

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