Manchin's trash bill gets axed

While I do support permit reform, the rest of this proposal which basically federalized public utilities was leftist trash. Glad it died. The point however is…

Never say I didn’t tell you it would never survive and was never meant to. this trash proposal was never anything but the vehicle Manchin needed as an excuse to vote for build back broker. He is every bit the lib that all democrat politicians are. There are no moderate democrats.


Not dead yet.

Manchin was snookered then dumped by progs and their greenie dreamy agenda and Republicans who simply wanted to scuttle another waste & spend Dimbulbcrat bill.
Fossil fuel permitting is an issue. Maybe after November and a Republican Majority in both houses, Manchin can work with Republicans in sane energy issues.

as long as they strip out all those new federal powers over utilities, i’m fine with it. Manchin was not snookered, he’s a lib just like the rest of them. This was never supposed to pass, it was just the excuse he needed for the folks back home to do what he wanted and vote for build back broker

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“Moderate Democrat” is a fairy-tale fantasy, much like a “Republican” voting for the Kid Sniffer.

They can lie to you all day. :wink:


…an eye for an eye…