MANAFORT STRIKES BACK: Former Trump Aide SUES DOJ, Mueller, Rosenstein | Sean Hannity

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is fighting back against the Department of Justice and the special counsel’s office; suing the DOJ, Robert Mueller, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein over allegations they overstepped their boundaries while investigating whether Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election.

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On appeal my belief is that anyone touched by Mullard will win. Win a shallow victory anyway. While Mullard is getting paid, and handsomely, and will ride that borrowed gubment mule as long as possible, his victim’s lives will be wrecked regardless. Broken, debt ridden and discarded.

Were there justice at the DOJ it would be Mullard facing the music for his sins. Sadly there is no justice at the Department of Justice. The DOJ and FBI are destroyed. All cred gone.

Tell you something else ghost writer for Sean. To date conservative talk yakkers have felt that there was some kind of firewall between them and the swamp.

The day is coming when a talk yakker is going to get his house broken in to at 5AM by armed DOJ agents…and when and if that barrier is shattered it will open a floodgate.

Sean has actually shaken hands with the president. That puts him high on the intercept list.

Try and tell me I’m daydreaming.

How can you misspell someone’s name so often in a post?