Manafort held secret talks with Assange in Ecuadorian embassy

I thought this story by the Guardian deserved it’s own thread. Interesting that it is published the day after Mueller’s team filed their report to the judge. I would say Manafort is spending the rest of his days in prison.

Some interesting tidbits… The Guardian is reporting, in detail, what Manafort was wearing the day he made the visit in March 2016. Almost like someone has video… :slight_smile:

Hopefully this will help tie it all together for those who are still confused. Those drips are becoming linked.

Wow, this is pretty big if true.

There was some 12 dimensional chess going on, but it’s not the game Trump supporters thought was being played.

Republicans won’t care about this at all.

You only have to do the “if true” thing if it’s from a Republican media source, of which it never is.

I mean, it sounds terribly believable, and it makes sense, but it’s still an anonymously sourced article. I’m willing to take it at face value until there’s further corroboration. I’m willing to take things like this at face value until it’s proven, but even if there were video of him going in and out and a video of a conversation with Assange, Trump supporters would declare it #FakeNews, irrelevant, truth isn’t truth, etc.

Trump is even better at conditioning his followers than right-wing talk radio has been for the last few decades.

How did he get past the London police officers? Isn’t that place watched like a hawk or have the officers left?

Don’t give him too much credit, Rush Limbaugh worked on opening that jar for decades before Trump.

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Just to add a little more interesting information to the discussion…

I wonder what those charges could be…

Special Branch or MI5 are probably the guys that saw him go in and out.

Well this brings a nice connection between these two comments

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What was the timeframe on those two comments?

I wonder what the strategy will be to try to explain this away. Whoever is coming up with that strategy is going to have their plate full.

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That brings up a good point. The lawyers for Trump and the WH are few in number, and they’re not good. Every other Presidential scandal had the country’s top legal talent and as much as needed.

But the difference is Trump’s ability to plan and manage, his unmatched discipline and ability to think 11 moves ahead.

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First was the day Manafort convicted. Second on campaign trail after the email leaks

If this was fake news, why would Assange even respond?

Drip, drip, drip.

Sounds like that faucet is getting a bit leakier…

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If this is true this is the smoking gun.

Wow - this is pretty big.

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